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Happy Egg Co.

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Happy Egg of Rogers Takes Lead in Free-Range Industry

Well-treated chickens lay the best eggs, CEO Alex Worley believes, and his premium free-range brand stakes its business on it. And he’s not above a little crowing about how business is going. read more >
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Be Careful Out There (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

A $2.4 million scam perpetrated against the Arkansas Department of Transportation is a particularly useful case for business executives to consider since it involves a simple, unsophisticated and yet exceptionally effective form of fraud, and any business that pays employees or vendors is vulnerable. read more >
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Happy Egg Lays Claim to Recovered Hacker MoneyLock Icon

Happy Egg, the victim of an email spoofing scam, has filed claims with the federal government to recover any money seized from a bank account set up by the hacker. read more >
Attorney Anton L. Janik Jr. warns his clients about email spoofing scams.
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Spoofing Scams on the Rise, Costing Arkansas Companies Millions

Business email compromise (BEC), a type of fraud that uses fake employee emails, on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. read more >
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FBI Cracks Shell Game Defrauding Egg Companies

The FBI has seized nearly $550,000 from a North Carolina woman’s bank account that allegedly has been tied to wire fraud made against Noble Foods Inc. of Rogers. read more >