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Helena-West Helena

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State Approves $42M in Loans for Water Infrastructure Projects

Helena-West Helena, where the water system has failed twice in less than a year, will receive more than $11 million in funding. read more >
Construction / Government & Politics

Trillions of Gallons Leak From Aging Water Systems in US Cities

Many communities — especially older industrial and rural areas in the eastern half of the country — are facing an economic and public health reckoning after decades of deferred maintenance and disinvestment. read more >
Health Care / Insurance / Real Estate

Helena Hospital Sold and Renamed

Progressive Health Group purchased the hospital from Quorum Health of Brentwood, Tennessee, and is under contract with the city of Helena. read more >
Government & Politics

And Not a Drop to Drink (Editorial)

We’d like to see the state prioritize working with Helena-West Helena to solve its water crisis. read more >
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Residents of an East Arkansas Town Have Been Without Water for The Past Two Weeks

The outage has forced Helena-West Helena residents to line up for bottled water, fill up jugs or take showers at a truck brought in by the state. read more >
Health Care

UAMS Opens Satellite Transplant Clinic in Helena-West Helena

It's the sixth satellite center statewide at which UAMS provides monthly follow-up care for transplant patients. read more >
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Building Resilience: ARWA’s Mission to Strengthen Arkansas’ Water InfrastructureLock Icon

When it comes to the day-to-day challenges of an aging infrastructure, the Arkansas Rural Water Association serves on the frontlines alongside towns and small communities across the state. read more >
Construction / Government & Politics

Facing the Water Crisis: Rebuilding West Helena’s Water SystemLock Icon

Helena-West Helena faces long and costly water system upgrades, at an estimated cost of $10 million. read more >

Of Internet … and Water (Editorial)

Faster internet is great, but safe drinking water is more important. Arkansas can do both. read more >

Seeking Help for ALICE Arkansans (Harvey Williams Commentary)

New approaches and collaborations can unlock potential for Arkansas entrepreneurs. read more >
Kevin Smith
Construction / Government & Politics / Health Care / Nonprofits

Severe Weather Delivers Infrastructure Stress

The single-digit temperatures of Valentine’s Day week challenged the Helena-West Helena’s ability to deliver water. read more >
Roger Norman is legislative auditor, the top manager of Arkansas Legislative Audit. He oversees a department of 266 employees who annually audit the state’s public entities.
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Legislative Audit: Don’t Fear the LedgerLock Icon

Public agency administrators probably look forward to a visit from state auditors as much as everyone else looks forward to a trip to the dentist. read more >
The Helena Bridge spans the Mississippi River, carrying travelers on U.S. 49 into Arkansas.
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Phillips County Looks to Sun for FutureLock Icon

More than $8.5 million of new and pending utility improvement projects are underway in and around Helena-West Helena. Pieces of the infrastructure puzzle are moving into place to enhance local economic prospects as well as industrial recruitment. read more >
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Delta Regional Authority Invests $2M in 12 Projects

The Delta Regional Authority will invest $2 million to provide safe and sanitary sewer and water service to rural families, increase economic development opportunities, enhance workforce training and development and improve healthcare. read more >
The cycling trails at Delta Heritage Trail State Park near Helena-West Helena will soon be a part of something bigger.
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Big River Trail Blazing Adds More Mileage To Tourism BywayLock Icon

A nearly $1.6 million project will mark an important step toward creating a biking-hiking corridor along the full length of the state’s Mississippi River valley. read more >
Arkansas Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell.

Education Board Keeps Control of Helena-West Helena, Pulaski County Districts

The Arkansas Education Board agreed Monday to let two southwest Arkansas school districts merge and voted to keep two other districts under state control due to fiscal problems. read more >
Education / Tourism / Transportation

Freedom Park Dedicated In Helena

Freedom Park, a segment of Helena-West Helena’s Civil War tourism development project, was scheduled to be dedicated Feb. 23. read more >
Government & Politics

Helena-West Helena Might Not Be Able to Make Payroll This Week

Helena-West Helena city leaders fear they won't be able to make payroll this week. read more >