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Hughes Technology

Sam Walton, co-founder of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., was the company’s biggest cheerleader, a literal role he enjoyed playing at annual shareholders’ meetings.
Public Companies / Retail

Harvey Hughes, ‘Mr. Sam’ and Ol’ RoyLock Icon

Harvey Hughes has stories to tell on just about all his workplaces and colleagues over the years, but his favorites involve Walmart founder and Arkansas business legend Sam Walton. read more >
Harvey Hughes, founder and chief strategist of Hughes Technology, has built flying into his business
Education / Government & Politics

Diving Into Ed Tech: The Forrest Gump of Arkansas Finds His PathLock Icon

Harvey Hughes, a computer system programmer-turned-pilot-turned-entrepreneur, found his calling building programs for educators like those who saved him from dropout risks in high school and financial need in college. read more >