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Inflation Reduction Act

Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, Entergy Arkansas’ Nuclear One, is near Russellville on the banks of Lake Dardanelle.
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Navigating Arkansas’ Energy Landscape: Solar Grows, Nuclear Shines

Buddy Hasten sees a lot of sun power in Arkansas’ future, but he also forecasts some dark moments as American utilities continue to turn away from burning coal to create electricity. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Biden Takes Aim at ‘Junk’ Insurance to Save Money for Consumers

President Joe Biden on Friday rolled out a new set of initiatives to reduce health care costs, building on previous initiatives. read more >
Health Care / Legal

Merck Sues Federal Government, Calling Plan to Negotiate Medicare Drug Prices ‘Extortion’

The drugmaker is seeking to halt the program, which was laid out in the Inflation Reduction Act and is expected to save taxpayers billions of dollars in the coming years. read more >

Shift to Clean Energy Accelerating, but Coal Investments Too High, Report Says

Part of the problem is that demand for energy is outstripping increases in supplies in many parts of the world. Powerful energy industry interests also sway decisions about investments in future capacity, often in favor of fossil fuels. read more >
A Tesla charging station in Las Vegas, Nevada
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EPA Car Rule to Push Huge Increase in EV Sales

Proposed pollution limits would require at least 54% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2030. read more >
A Tesla charging station in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Many Electric Vehicles to Lose Big Tax Credit With New Rules

The Biden administration concedes that fewer electric vehicles will be eligible, but it says that, over time, more EVs and parts will be manufactured in the U.S., creating a domestic supply chain and more jobs. read more >
Government & Politics / Manufacturing / Public Companies / Transportation

Envirotech Hires Victoria Pagonis as Grant Writer

She joins Envirotech as billions of dollars in incentives become available for electric vehicle manufacturers through the Inflation Reduction Act. read more >
A flare for burning excess methane, or natural gas. 

Difficulty Measuring Methane Slows Plan to Slash Emissions

While scientists count it as progress that energy companies will eventually have to accurately measure emissions of the destructive gas, it seems doubtful that this can be achieved within a year, after which the government could fine companies for emitting too much methane. read more >
Bill Halter, CEO, Scenic Hill Solar, said his company “realizes that the pandemic will mean challenges for financing and the industry.”
Energy / Government & Politics / Manufacturing

New Dawn for US Solar Rising Here, Halter Says

Last week, Scenic Hill Solar CEO Bill Halter announced a major initiative to make Arkansas a center of solar power that is “American Made, Arkansas Built.” read more >
If the Wind Catcher project is ultimately approved, the builder of this wind farm in Nebraska, Invenergy LLC of Chicago, will put 800 wind turbines on about 300,000 acres of western Oklahoma.

Most in US Want More Action on Climate Change, Poll Shows

Overall, 62% of U.S. adults say the government is doing too little to reduce climate change, while 19% say it's doing too much and 18% think it's doing the right amount. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

EXPLAINER: Lower Prescription Prices to Take Time Under New Law

The bill mostly helps the roughly 49 million people who sign up for Medicare's drug coverage. But many will be left out from direct savings after lawmakers stripped cost-savings measures for a majority of those covered by private health insurance. read more >
A farm crew using a combine to harvest ripened wheat crop in North Dakota
Restaurants & Food / Retail

Food Commodity Prices Slim Down Over the Summer

It's a welcome signal for consumers dealing with high grocery bills and investors hoping to see inflation loosen its grip on the broader economy. read more >
Energy / Government & Politics / Public Companies

Climate Bill’s Unlikely Beneficiary: US Oil and Gas Industry

While the Inflation Reduction Act concentrates on clean energy incentives that could drastically reduce overall U.S. emissions, it also buoys oil and gas interests by mandating leasing of vast areas of public lands and off the nation's coasts. read more >
Business Services / Government & Politics

Expanded IRS Free-File System One Step Closer in Dems’ Bill

It's something lawmakers and advocates have been seeking for years. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Energy

Farmers Reap the Benefits of Going SolarLock Icon

Farmers and Arkansas solar developers are defending a boom in agricultural solar these days as the Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens world grain supplies and sun power awaits new incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act. read more >
The U.S. Capitol
Energy / Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

What’s in Democrats’ Big Bill? Climate, Health Care, Savings

Almost half the money raised, $300 billion, will go toward paying down federal deficits. read more >