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Arkansas Universities Build Cybersecurity Hub with $5M GrantLock Icon

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Cyber Security, Energy Security & Emergency Response allocated the money to further work at the Emerging Threat Information Sharing & Analysis Center — a sort of cybersecurity clinic — at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. read more >
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Mississippi County Awards $720K in Infrastructure Grants

Seven projects to support critical water and sewer infrastructure received funds. read more >
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State Awards $15M to Build Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The money comes from a federal program that's funding construction a national network of EV charging stations by 2030. read more >
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The Baltimore Collapse Focused Attention on Vital Bridges. Thousands are in Poor Shape Across the US

After a yearlong closure, a bridge over the Puyallup River reopened in 2019 with a sturdy new span and a brand new name. It even won a national award. But […] read more >
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Wake-up Call (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

Disasters like the collapse of the Key Bridge generally involve a cascade of failures. read more >
Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, Entergy Arkansas’ Nuclear One, is near Russellville on the banks of Lake Dardanelle.
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Navigating Arkansas’ Energy Landscape: Solar Grows, Nuclear Shines

Buddy Hasten sees a lot of sun power in Arkansas’ future, but he also forecasts some dark moments as American utilities continue to turn away from burning coal to create electricity. read more >
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An Ounce of Prevention… (Editorial)

Arkansas has taken the first step toward addressing the state’s inadequate levee system. read more >
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Trillions of Gallons Leak From Aging Water Systems in US Cities

Many communities — especially older industrial and rural areas in the eastern half of the country — are facing an economic and public health reckoning after decades of deferred maintenance and disinvestment. read more >
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Governor Announces Review of State Levee System

Historic flooding in 2019 led to the creation of a levee task force, but it's unclear how many of the group's recommendations have been implemented. read more >
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And Not a Drop to Drink (Editorial)

We’d like to see the state prioritize working with Helena-West Helena to solve its water crisis. read more >
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Building Resilience: ARWA’s Mission to Strengthen Arkansas’ Water InfrastructureLock Icon

When it comes to the day-to-day challenges of an aging infrastructure, the Arkansas Rural Water Association serves on the frontlines alongside towns and small communities across the state. read more >
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Facing the Water Crisis: Rebuilding West Helena’s Water SystemLock Icon

Helena-West Helena faces long and costly water system upgrades, at an estimated cost of $10 million. read more >
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An Ounce of Prevention (Editorial)

The governor’s order to update the Arkansas Water Plan could be a start to addressing some potentially catastrophic issues. read more >
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Weathering the Storm: Assessing the Levee System Post-2019 FloodsLock Icon

Concern about the aging levees have waned since the floods, but experts say there's potential for a disaster if not maintained. read more >

Golden Years (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Changing energy demands may keep Arkansas Nuclear One running for far longer than you’d think. read more >
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Let’s Rethink the River in Little Rock (Christian Woods Commentary)

The Arkansas River presents a huge opportunity for downtown Little Rock. read more >
U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford 
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Crawford Vows Hard Eye On Infrastructure Funds

U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas wants to make sure bureaucrats don’t muddle up the works when it comes to infrastructure funding. read more >
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Federal COVID Aid OK’d to Pay For Roads, Natural Disasters

The newly expanded spending options are expected to take effect by late February, after the Treasury releases updated guidance. read more >
An undated photo of a bridge construction project in California
Construction / Government & Politics / Transportation

White House Aims to Speed Up Pace of Building Infrastructure

As part of the effort, the Transportation Department will launch an internal center to provide best practices on project design, planning and construction for state and local leaders. read more >
CEO Tony Thomas says most of Windstream’s debt will be discharged when it rises from bankruptcy.
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Windstream CEO Tony Thomas Named to White House Advisory Council

The council advises the White House on how to reduce physical and cyber risks and improve the security and resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. read more >