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Average Long-Term US Mortgage Rate Rises Modestly This Week, Holding Just Below 7%

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate rose modestly this week, holding below 7% as it has for much of this year. The average rate on a […] read more >
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Powell: Fed Still Sees Rate Cuts This Year; Election Timing Won’t Affect Decision

“The recent data do not ... materially change the overall picture,” Powell said in a speech at Stanford University. read more >
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Powell Says Fed Wants to See ‘More Good Inflation Readings’ Before it Can Cut Rates

Speaking at a conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, he said he still expected "inflation to come down on a sometimes bumpy path to 2%.'' read more >
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US Economic Growth for Last Quarter is Revised Up to a Healthy 3.4%

It marked the sixth straight quarter in which the economy has grown at an annual rate above 2%. read more >
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February Home Sales Hit Strongest Pace in a Year

The pickup in sales helped push up home prices compared with a year earlier for the eighth month in a row. read more >
A residential development in northwest Arkansas 
Construction / Real Estate

Skyline Report: Northwest Arkansas Home Sales Down, Inventory Up

New construction accounted for 39.9% of the homes sold in the second half of 2023, the highest percentage the report has found. read more >
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Average Long-Term US Mortgage Rate Declines to Levels Last Seen in Early February

Despite the choppy trajectory in mortgage rates this year, the average rate on a 30-year home loan is still down from the 23-year high of 7.79% it reached in late October. read more >
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Federal Reserve’s Powell: Regulatory Proposal Criticized by Banks Will Be Revised

Among other things, the rule would require the largest banks — those with more than $100 billion in assets — to hold more funds in reserve to protect against bad loans and other potential losses. read more >
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The Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge Picked Up Last Month, a Sign of Still-Elevated Prices

The government reported Thursday that prices rose 0.3% from December to January, up from 0.1% in the previous month. But in a more encouraging sign, prices were up just 2.4% from a year earlier, down from a 2.6% annual pace in December and the smallest such increase in nearly three years. read more >
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US Economy Grew Solid 3.2% in Q4, a Slight Downgrade From Government’s Initial Estimate

U.S. growth has now topped 2% for six straight quarters, defying fears that high interest rates would tip the world's largest economy into a recession. read more >
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What Recession? Forecasters Raise Expectations for US Economy in 2024

Economists also more than doubled their estimates for the number of jobs gained across the economy this year. read more >
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Fed Minutes: Officials Worried That Progress on Inflation Could Stall in Coming Months

Some officials “noted the risk that progress toward price stability could stall, particularly if aggregate demand strengthened” or that the progress in improving supply chains could falter. read more >
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Robots and Happy Workers: Productivity Surge Helps Explain US Economy’s Surprising Resilience

The productivity boom marks a shift from the pre-pandemic years, when annual productivity growth averaged a tepid 1.5%. read more >
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US Inflation Slows in January, but Remains Elevated

The prices of services — hotel rooms, restaurant meals, auto insurance, apartment rents and the like — are still rising faster than they did before the pandemic and keeping overall inflation persistently high. read more >
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Small Business Acquisitions Leveled Off in 2023 as Interest Rates Climbed, but 2024 Looks Better

Quarterly results show stark changes in the market: Transactions fell 10% in the first quarter, remained flat in the second and third quarters as interest rate hikes slowed, and rose 12% in the fourth quarter. read more >
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Powell: Federal Reserve On Track To Cut Rates This Year

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chair Jerome Powell said in an interview broadcast Sunday night that the Federal Reserve remains on track to cut interest rates three times this year, a move that’s expected […] read more >
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Federal Reserve Signals That Interest Rate Cuts Aren’t Imminent, Leaves Them Unchanged

“I don’t think it’s likely that the committee will reach a level of confidence by the time of the March meeting” to start cutting rates, Chair Jerome Powell said at a news conference. read more >

US Worker Paycheck Growth Slowed Late Last Year, Pointing to Cooling in a Very Strong Job Market

Compensation as measured by the government's Employment Cost Index rose 0.9% in the October-December quarter, down from a 1.1% increase in the previous quarter. read more >
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US Job Openings Rose in December, Pointing to Still-Durable Labor Market

Still, in a cautionary sign, layoffs rose in December. And the number of Americans quitting their jobs — a sign of relative confidence in their ability to find a better position — dipped to the lowest level since January 2021. read more >
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Inflation Slowed Further in December, Bringing ‘Soft Landing’ Into Focus

Friday’s government report showed that prices rose just 0.2% from November to December, a pace consistent with pre-pandemic levels and barely above the Fed's 2% annual target. read more >