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Internet of Things

Business Services / Media & Marketing / Technology

Mycelium Builds New Network for IoT

An 18-month-old Fayetteville company is building a blockchain-based network to operate Internet of Things devices, and it’s paying people and businesses to help. read more >
Business Services / Small Business / Technology / Transportation

Ip3 Labs Hooks Up IoT Devices

Ip3 Labs of Little Rock began doing business in March as a mobile virtual network operator, meaning it connects “internet of things” (IoT) devices to the internet by accessing multiple cell service carriers at the same time through embedded SIM cards. read more >
Alan McClain, Arkansas Insurance Commissioner
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Alan McClain Calculates Risk With Smart Tech

Arkansas Insurance Department Commissioner Alan McClain says the industry is seeing a surge in technological innovation. read more >
Kent Watson, vice president of technology at Metova in Fayetteville, says the internet of things creates vulnerabilities. What are they? “To some extent, we don’t know.”
Construction / Education / Legal / Manufacturing / Media & Marketing / Public Companies / Retail

In the Internet of Things, Many Things to Worry About

The convenience of computer networks and smartphones and data-sharing devices — the “internet of things” — can seem a godsend to those who appreciate the speed and ease of staying connected. For others, the all-inclusiveness of the IoT — eye-oh-tee, as most tech people say — means a constant battle for security. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Energy / Manufacturing

McGehee Farmers Deploy Internet-of-Things Irrigation Products

Arkansas farmers Jim and Sam Whitaker are making investments in Internet-of-Things technology designed to help them save time, money and water. read more >
Energy / Manufacturing / Retail

Internet of Things Closer Than You Think

Internet of Things is more than a refrigerator that costs hundreds more and can tell you when you run out of milk. It’s the concept of connecting devices to the internet and with each other. Its purpose is to make life easier via automation. read more >