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Issue 4

Chad Gallagher, a consultant who oversaw messaging against marijuana legalization for the Arkansas Family Council and its allies.
Media & Marketing / Tourism

Gallagher’s Messaging Helped Voters Say No

He was the consultant who oversaw messaging against marijuana legalization for the Family Council and its allies. read more >
A map showing the Arkansas counties that voted in favor legalizing recreational marijuana in the 2022 midterm elections.
Agriculture & Poultry / Tourism

Snuffed Out: How The Recreational Marijuana Amendment FailedLock Icon

An “unusual alliance” across the political spectrum and doubts about business details helped doom the legalization attempt, campaign veterans and observers say. read more >
Government & Politics

Arkansas’ Historic Election (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Arkansas should benefit from having its senior U.S. senator in charge of a key committee. read more >
Government & Politics / Retail

What’s Next for Cannabis (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Why the recreational cannabis law passed/failed this week, and what’s next. read more >
Robbin Rahman, executive director of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary of Conway
Government & Politics / Health Care / Legal / Retail

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary Director Robbin Rahman Responds to Issue 4 CritiquesLock Icon

Rahman responds to last week's mention of attorney David Couch of Little Rock, a campaigner against the current ballot issue to legalize recreational marijuana. read more >