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Jake Files

This Red Lobster restaurant at 3707 McCain Blvd. was ranked  No. 3 in 2013 gross receipts in North Little Rock. The Little Rock location was No. 11 on the same list for Little Rock restaurants.
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Afco Metals, Red Lobster Highlight Recent Real Estate DealsLock Icon

Industrial property in east Little Rock and a North Little Rock restaurant lead off this week’s short parade of million-dollar transactions. read more >
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Neither a Borrower nor A Lender Be (Editorial)

Although no state law appears to forbid lawmakers from lending money to each other, taxpayers should not have to worry whether legislators have leverage over or obligations to each other that might influence their votes. read more >
Jake Files
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Former Arkansas State Senator Begins Federal Prison Sentence

A former Arkansas state senator has reported to a federal prison in Oklahoma to begin serving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering charges. read more >
Rep. Mathew Pitsch defeated Frank Glidewell in the GOP primary to face Libertarian candidate Whitfeld Hyman in the general election for Senate District 8, recently vacated by Jake Files.
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Fort Smith Picks GOP Senate Nominee; Ozarks House Race Close

A state representative has won the Republican nomination for a Fort Smith Senate seat, but a House race in the Ozarks is very close. read more >

Only 2 State Races on Arkansas Primary Runoff Ballot Tuesday

Only two state races are on the ballot in Tuesday's Arkansas primary runoff, but some counties have local races. read more >
Jake Files
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Former State Sen. Jake Files Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Former State. Sen. Jake Files, R-Fort Smith, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on Monday for wire fraud and money laundering in connection with money routed to him from the state General Improvement Fund and an unrelated charge of bank fraud. read more >
Asa Hutchinson

Governor, Ex-Prosecutor, Uncle: What Does Asa Hutchinson Do? (Analysis)

Every minute of every day, Asa Hutchinson is a governor, a former federal prosecutor and an uncle. With a nephew implicated in a bribery and corruption case, holding all three roles cannot be easy for him. read more >
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A Fish Rots From The Head (Editorial)

Leadership, like expectations, matters. It matters greatly. read more >
Hank Wilkins IV
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What Would Jesus Rationalize? (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

I hope I never get accustomed to public officials being on the take, but it’s especially disheartening when they use religion as part of their rationalization. And I’m detecting a pattern. read more >
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From Skeptic To Cynic (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

Has government corruption become the rule rather than the exception? read more >
Jake Files
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GOP Votes in 3 Arkansas Races; Primary Set for Files’ Seat

Republican voters were selecting nominees for two state Senate seats Tuesday, along with a representative from the Marshall area. read more >
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Where Cooper Meets Neal, Woods (Analysis)

Like a Russian novel, overlapping federal criminal investigations in Missouri and Arkansas may need a cast of characters, and it's getting hard to identify either hero or victim. read more >
Jake Files
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Jake Files’ Fall Could Imperil Arkansas Medicaid Plan (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

An Arkansas lawmaker's guilty plea for pocketing thousands of state dollars intended for a sports complex created a black eye for the Capitol, but it may have caused an even bigger obstacle for supporters of a hybrid Medicaid expansion that already faced an uncertain future. read more >
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On Passing, And Failing, Civics (Editorial)

Arkansas students are required to pass a civics test, the same test immigrants must pass to become naturalized American citizens, to be eligible for high school diplomas or General Educational Development certificates. If only legislators had to take it too. read more >
Jake Files
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State Sen. Jake Files Pleads Guilty to Federal Crimes in GIF Scandal

The Fort Smith Republican waived indictment and pleaded guilty to wire fraud, money laundering and bank fraud in connection with money routed to him from the state General Improvement Fund. read more >
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No Easy Path For Arkansas-backed Local Projects (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

The Arkansas Supreme Court's ruling striking down a grant system used to fund local projects didn't necessarily kill outright lawmakers' efforts to divert surplus money to pet needs in their districts. read more >
The Arkansas Capitol building in Little Rock.
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Indictment Thoughts, Probes Grip Arkansas Capitol (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

The worst-kept secret at Arkansas' Capitol over the past several months is the waiting game lawmakers, lobbyists and others play as they eye federal probes into local project money that have already targeted two former legislators. read more >
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Arkansas Court Takes New Look at Local Projects (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

The state Supreme Court on Thursday will hear oral arguments in a case challenging $2.9 million in state surplus money that went toward the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District in 2015. read more >
Jake Files
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‘In His Pocket’ (Editorial)

In a sworn affidavit in support of a search warrant, the FBI offered probable cause that state Sen. Jake Files had committed both wire fraud and money laundering. And a big part of that evidence was an interview with the subcontractor/employee, Dianna Gonzalez. read more >
Jake Files
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Fort Smith Sues State Lawmaker, County Official Over Unfinished Park

Fort Smith is suing state Sen. Jake Files and Sebastian County Election Commissioner Lee Webb for nearly $27,000 in state grant money to finish a project. read more >