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Jerry Mabry

Michael Pakko
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Tourism Strong in Hot Springs; Arkansas Economy Continues to Recover

Although Arkansas' economic recovery has lagged the rest of country since the recession, growth here has increased over the last couple of years. read more >
Business Services / Health Care / Insurance

Truth in Billing (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

We have truth in lending and truth in sentencing. Maybe it’s time for truth in billing. I’m talking about truth in medical billing, and when I put it that way, you know exactly what I mean. read more >
National Park Medical Center, Hot Springs
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Education / Health Care / Insurance

National Park Medical Center on List For High Markups

An official with National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs last week blasted a report that said the hospital had one of the highest price markups in the country. read more >
National Park Medical Center, Hot Springs. 
Construction / Health Care

Talk of Sale Overshadows Expansion at National Park Medical Center

The potential sale of Capella raised questions about the future of the National Park expansion project, but it appears the work is moving forward. read more >