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Jesse Trammel

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Lawsuits Allege Fraud in Arkansas Cannabis LicensingLock Icon

Prominent Arkansans have accused their attorney friends of setting them up as figurehead owners of medical marijuana dispensaries, sticking them with massive tax bills and casting new doubts on the integrity of the state’s cannabis licensing system. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Legal / Retail

Lawsuit Leaves Cannabis Industry in Limbo

Cannabis firms in Arkansas await more legal action on laws struck down. read more >
Lejen Lotspeich, chief scientific 
officer, and Jesse Trammel, chief operating officer, describe how New Age Hemp in Hot Springs is promoting hemp farming in Arkansas.
Agriculture & Poultry / Government & Politics / Health Care / Investments / Legal / Manufacturing / Real Estate / Retail

Hot Springs CBD Maker Sells Farmers on Newly Legal CropLock Icon

New Age Hemp LLC’s leadership wants to make two things starkly clear: Grandma’s hemp-based CBD oil is legal, and it won’t make her high. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Health Care / Legal / Manufacturing

New Age Hemp Ready for Growing CBD IndustryLock Icon

While the debut of medical marijuana sales in Arkansas has been grabbing the headlines, a separate cannabis-related industry has been taking root in the state, quite literally. read more >