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Jim Kane

John James’ software at Engine handles everything from content management to processing e-commerce orders and payments.
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John James Starts Engine, Raises $4M for E-Commerce Software FirmLock Icon

Fayetteville entrepreneur John James has raised nearly $4 million for his latest startup, Engine, which sells business management software to e-commerce retailers. read more >
John James
Investments / Retail

Claiborne Deming Among Investors in John James Startup

Founded by John James and Jim Kane, Fayetteville startup Engine says it has raised $1 million in venture capital to fund a cloud-based e-commerce software platform. read more >
John James in Fayetteville’s Old Post Office: “We turn startups into businesses.”
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Investments / Media & Marketing

Funding Fuels John James to Run Engine VentureLock Icon

Fayetteville entrepreneur John James is raising $2 million for his e-commerce company, Engine. read more >