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Recession Risks are Fading, Business Economists Say, but Political Tensions Pose Threat to Economy

A growing share of business forecasters worry that the Fed is keeping rates unnecessarily high. read more >
Government & Politics

AI Companies Will Need to Start Reporting Their Safety Tests to the US Government

Ben Buchanan, the White House special adviser on AI, said in an interview that the government wants "to know AI systems are safe before they’re released to the public — the president has been very clear that companies need to meet that bar.” read more >
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Inflation Slowed Further in December, Bringing ‘Soft Landing’ Into Focus

Friday’s government report showed that prices rose just 0.2% from November to December, a pace consistent with pre-pandemic levels and barely above the Fed's 2% annual target. read more >
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Biden Regulators Target Transaction-Declined Fees in Banking

It's the second major proposal by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over fees that Americans sometimes run into when they bank. read more >
Joe Biden discusses foreign policy during a presidential campaign speech in New York on Jan. 7, 2020. The president on Sept. 9, 2021 announced sweeping new COVID-19 vaccine requirements, including a mandate for employers with more 100 workers that requires them to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus.

Some Americans Will Get Their Student Loans Canceled in February as Biden Accelerates New Plan

Republicans in Congress tried unsuccessfully to block the new repayment plan through legislation and a resolution last year. read more >
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White House Threatens to Seize Drug Patents if Prices are Too High

White House officials would not name drugs that might potentially be targeted. read more >
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Biden Will Convene New Supply Chain Council, Announce 30 Steps to Strengthen US Logistics

Among the 30 new actions, Biden, a Democrat, will use the Defense Production Act to have the Health and Human Services Department invest in the domestic manufacturing of needed medicines that are deemed crucial for national security. read more >
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New Rule on Unionization Gets Pushback From Businesses

A federal rule that goes into effect next month could make it easier for millions of workers to unionize at big companies like McDonald’s. read more >
Government & Politics

Sanders Endorses Former Boss Trump in Presidential Race

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is endorsing former President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race. read more >
Government & Politics

Biden, Trump Qualify for Arkansas Ballot As Filing Period Begins

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have qualified for the ballot in Arkansas as the filing period for the state's elections next year have kicked off. read more >
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Arkansas Poll: Sanders’ Approval Rating at 48%

The economy and politics/politicians are again among the top concerns for Arkansans, and Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ approval rating is 48%, the lowest for an Arkansas governor since her father’s 47% in 2003. read more >
Banking & Finance / Education

Borrowers are Reassessing Their Budgets as Student Loan Payments Resume

On an earnings call last month, the chief financial officer of Target said that student loan payments restarting will "put additional pressure on the already-strained budgets of tens of millions of households," a sentiment echoed by the financial chiefs of Best Buy and other retailers. read more >
Banking & Finance / Education

804,000 Long-Term Borrowers are Having Their Student Loans Forgiven

It's for people in income-driven repayment plans who have been paying back loans for 20 or 25 years but who never received credit for late or partial payments. read more >
Energy / Government & Politics

Biden Administration’s Ambitious Goal: Nuclear Fusion Facility Within 10 Years for Clean Energy Revolution

Calling nuclear fusion a pioneering technology, Granholm said President Joe Biden wants to harness fusion as a carbon-free energy source that can power homes and businesses. read more >
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Biden Aims to Scrub Medical Debt From Credit Scores, Which Could Up Ratings for Millions

The agency said in a statement that including medical debt in credit scores is problematic because "mistakes and inaccuracies in medical billing are common." read more >
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Biden Administration Targets 10 Drugs for Medicare Price-Lowering Talks

The move is expected to cut costs for many patients, but it faces litigation from drugmakers and heavy criticism from Republican lawmakers. read more >
Energy / Government & Politics

Millions Struggle to Pay AC Bills in Heat Waves. Federal Aid Reaches Only a Fraction

Nationwide, nearly 30 million American households struggle to pay their energy bills and qualify for the subsidy, but less than 3% receive it for their summer bills, according to the latest, preliminary federal data. read more >
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Biden Making $20B Available From ‘Green Bank’ for Clean Energy Projects

The investments follow a $7 billion Solar for All program launched last month for residential and community solar projects in low-income communities. read more >
Education / Legal

Supreme Court Rejects Biden’s Plan to Wipe Away $400B in Student Loans

The court held that the administration needs Congress' endorsement before undertaking so costly a program. read more >
A file photo of U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in November 2022
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Debt Ceiling Negotiators Pushing for Weekend Deal, but Much Work Remains

All sides are racing devise a budget-cutting deal that Democrats and Republicans can live with, the price to be paid as McCarthy's newly empowered House Republicans try to extract steep spending reductions. Those cuts would be in exchange for GOP votes to raise the debt limit, which is now $31 trillion, and keep paying the nation's already-due bills. read more >