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John Elkins

Ashtyn Brown(left) and Javan Massey
Energy / Transportation

2 Gain Certificates, 6 Climb Ladder At Conway Corp. (Movers & Shakers)

Ashtyn Brown and Javan Massey have earned their unmanned aircraft general-small license. read more >
Bill Halter, CEO, Scenic Hill Solar, said his company “realizes that the pandemic will mean challenges for financing and the industry.”

Appeals Court Ruling Backs Solar Development

The ruling upholds the net metering rate structure and reverses the authority of utilities to impose a grid charge. read more >
John Elkins, the new chief legal officer and general counsel for Seal Solar of North Little Rock 
Energy / Legal

Seal Solar Adds John Elkins, Seasoned Energy Attorney

He's one of several notable hires the company has made over the past 15 months. read more >