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John Nock

Investments / Legal

John Nock Sentenced to 20 Years for Investment Fraud, Money Laundering

The case revolved around the Brittingham Group, which Nock founded and which promised returns as high as 300% within 20 to 30 days. read more >
The John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building in Fayetteville
Banking & Finance / Investments / Legal

Fayetteville Investment Banker Faces Guilty Verdict in $18M Fraud Case

The sentencing hearing for John Nock is postponed, with a new date not yet set. read more >
Investments / Legal

4 Convicted in $18M Investment Fraud Scheme

The Brittingham Group, founded by Fayetteville investment banker John Nock, 55, promised returns as high as 300% within 20 to 30 days. read more >
Investments / Legal

Another Investor Knocks NockLock Icon

WIDEHA-UK Ltd. is seeking to have a $13.6 million arbitration award confirmed and converted to a judgment against Fayetteville investment banker John Nock. read more >
The remnants of downtown Fayetteville’s Mountain Inn are finally coming down. The historic hotel was partially demolished more than a decade ago in anticipation of  building its replacement, the Renaissance Tower.  The grand project was among several would-be developments associated with John Nock. 
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Michigan Case Offers Look Into Fraud Charges Against John NockLock Icon

The recent indictment places Nock at the heart of a scheme with three other men that defrauded investors of more than $16 million with promises of quick, extraordinary profits. read more >