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Keil & Goodson

State Farm headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois.
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Class Action Nets Lawyers $2.8M in Fees

A group of plaintiffs’ attorneys, most of whom were involved in a controversial 2015 class-action suit, were recently awarded $2.8 million in fees for a class settlement against State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. read more >
John Goodson

Letter: Attorney in Divorce Case Says John Goodson is ‘Broke’Lock Icon

John Goodson’s affidavit of financial means listed Goodson’s income as $0. read more >
Judge P.K. Holmes III will hear arguments in a show-cause hearing on Thursday about class-action lawsuits in Arkansas.
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Class-Action Attorneys Ask Judge Not to Impose Sanctions

The plaintiffs' attorneys in a controversial class-action case have asked Chief U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes III to use his discretion and not sanction them next week for abusing the federal court system. read more >

Arkansas Business Power List 2016: Law

A legal resource to help navigate the leadership of the largest Arkansas companies or institutions. read more >
John C. Goodson (inset) and his Texarkana law firm Keil & Goodson have been involved in about two dozen lawsuits since November 2013 against insurance companies for improperly depreciating labor costs on property claims.
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John Goodson Claims ‘Little Involvement’ in Controversial Class-action Case

Class-action attorney John Goodson said he had "very little involvement" in the case of Mark and Katherine Adams v. United Services Automobile Association. read more >
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Heartland Bank Braces For 2016

Heartland Bank of Little Rock and its parent company, Rock Bancshares Inc., have started 2016 amid changes in management, board membership and more. read more >
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No Ruling After Objection in Polk County Class-Action Case

Polk County District Judge Jerry Ryan took under advisement a proposed class-action settlement that was challenged by Little Rock attorney Robert Trammell. read more >
Courtney Goodson
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Arkansas Supreme Court Ruling Unleashes Flurry of Lawsuits

Just months after the U.S. Supreme Court shut down a class-action strategy that had been wildly lucrative for Keil & Goodson of Texarkana, a ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court opened up a new business opportunity. read more >
John C. Goodson (inset) and his Texarkana law firm Keil & Goodson have been involved in about two dozen lawsuits since November 2013 against insurance companies for improperly depreciating labor costs on property claims.
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John Goodson’s New Class-Action Strategy Takes Place of One Blocked by US Supreme Court

Since the U.S. Supreme Court found a previous strategy to be illegal, Keil & Goodson and other class-action attorneys have taken a different approach to keeping their class-action settlements out of the hands of federal judges: strike a deal with the defendants to settle the case in state court. read more >
Attorney John Goodson (inset) and his pursuit of class-action lawsuits led to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week that will make it easier for defendants in  to move their cases out of Miller County Circuit Court and into federal court.
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Inside the Miller County Class-Action Strategy Invalidated by U.S. Supreme Court

The high court agreed with dozens of other corporations that have complained that Miller County Circuit Court is a legal backwater where friendly elected judges help prolific local class-action attorneys exploit a loophole in federal law to force giant settlements in cases whose legal merits are never even considered. read more >
Kirk Johnson
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Court Called Judicial Hellhole; Defenders Blast Complaints

Defense attorneys involved in class-action cases in Miller County Circuit Court have called it a “judicial hellhole,” while defenders insist that the complaints are only designed to keep plaintiffs from receiving the evidence they have a right to inspect. read more >
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says he's raised more than $1 million during the first three months of fundraising for his 2014 bid for governor.
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Arkansas AG Dustin McDaniel Supported Plaintiffs’ Attorneys in U.S. Supreme Court Case

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel was one of the few state AGs who supported the plaintiffs’ attorneys who used a perceived loophole in federal law to keep potential class-action lawsuits in state courts. read more >
The Texarkana law firm of Keil & Goodson, one of the most lucrative firms in the state,  practices out of this location at 406 Walnut St.
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A Look at the 3 Law Firms Who Pulled in Profits from Class-action Suits in Miller County

Although there’s no sign advertising the fact, the Craftsman-style brick house with its wraparound porch at 406 Walnut St. in Texarkana is the home of Keil & Goodson, one of the most lucrative law firms in Arkansas. read more >