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Keith Ingram

West Memphis Industrial Renaissance: Surge Sparks Optimism for Economic Development

Scouts for a cold storage warehouse, solar panel manufacturing, electric vehicle-related production and a couple of chemical plants are taking lingering looks at the possibilities of setting up shop in the city. read more >
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Arkansas Lawmakers Pass Tax Cut Package, Adjourn Session

The package includes a nonrefundable $150 tax credit for individuals making up to $87,000 a year. read more >
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Arkansas Lawmakers Urge Schools to Use Funds for Bonuses

The move faced opposition from Democrats who said it was an effort to avoid considering raising teacher salaries while the state sits on a $1.6 million surplus. read more >
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Judge Blocks State From Enforcing Mask Mandate Ban

An Arkansas judge has temporarily blocked the state from enforcing a law that prevents schools and other governmental agencies from requiring masks. read more >
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Hutchinson Creates Group to Oversee Federal Aid to Arkansas

Gov. Asa Hutchinson sets up a 14-member American Rescue Plan Steering Committee to coordinate the spending of about $5 billion in federal pandemic aid coming to Arkansas. read more >
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Arkansas Senate Removes Affidavit Option From Voter ID Law

The Arkansas Senate approves legislation making the state’s voter ID law stricter by no longer allowing people without identification to cast a ballot if they sign a statement affirming their identity. read more >
State Sens. Jonathan Dismang, R-Beebe, and Keith Ingram, D-West Memphis, say borrowing from the U.S. Department of Labor to pay claims is an option.
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Arkansas Unemployment Fund Stable, but WorrisomeLock Icon

The state’s unemployment fund was in the best of shape before the pandemic and is still healthy, but politicians and community leaders are worried it will be depleted by early 2021 if the economy does not bounce back as expected. read more >
Alan Clark
Government & Politics

An Early Adopter, Arkansas Rethinks Lawmaker Term Limits

Nearly three decades after Arkansas became one of the first states to cap how long someone can serve in the Legislature, lawmakers may find out just how far voters are willing to go to limit their time in office thanks to competing measures on next year's ballot. read more >
Jim Hendren

Arkansas Grapples with Ethics Cleanup Amid Federal Probes

Arkansas has had its share of notable corruption cases over the years, including when the governor who succeeded Bill Clinton was convicted in a Whitewater-related probe and when a state treasurer was caught accepting bribes stashed in pie boxes. read more >
Jonathan Dismang
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Senate Panel Approves Effort to Cut Arkansas’ Top Income Tax Rate

Gov. Asa Hutchinson's proposal to cut the state's top income tax rate is heading to a vote in the state Senate after the $97 million plan easily won the endorsement of a legislative panel on Monday. read more >
Traffic proceeds on Interstate 30 in Little Rock during evening rush hour.
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Arkansas’ Highways to Nowhere

Arkansas needs hundreds of millions more dollars to adequately maintain current roads and bridges and keep up with future needs. The last new money the state dug up for Arkansas highways was $50 million the governor scraped together in 2016 from existing sources. read more >
Arkansas Speaker of the House Matthew Shepherd

Arkansas Lawmakers Begin 2019 Session, Vow Work on Ethics

Arkansas lawmakers kicked off their legislative session Monday with leaders promising an ethics package they say is needed to clean up the Capitol's image following federal corruption probes that have involved former lawmakers and lobbyists. read more >
Keith Ingram
Construction / Transportation

Asa Hutchinson, Lawmakers Hope for Highway Funding Fix

Arkansas' Republican governor and legislative leaders say they're hopeful they can find a highway funding solution that's been elusive in recent years. But the two main ideas — raising taxes or tapping into existing tax revenue — still face significant hurdles. read more >
Jon Eubanks
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How About Acting Like Adults? (Editorial)

A state legislator's interference with a UA System hire was probably more nuisance than not, but it’s an example of pettiness that serves no one, least of all the citizens of Arkansas. read more >
Gov. Mike Beebe and Grant Tennille, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, hint that the first batch of good news from a European trade mission should be landing soon. | (Photo by Jason Burt)
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Lawmakers Test Sanctity of Grocery Tax Cut (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

Democrats reclaimed the governor's office in Arkansas 12 years ago after a campaign that hinged on a promise to end the state's sales tax on groceries. A majority Republican Legislature currently hunting for ways to cut income taxes even further may test just how sacred that promise is. read more >
Pavilion Centre at 8315 Cantrell Road.
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Pavilion Centre Visited By $9.8M Purchase (Real Deals)Lock Icon

Two LLC, led by Keith Ingram, bought the Pavilion Centre at 8315 Cantrell Road. The seller is Pavilion Centre LLC, led by Tad Krug, Tim Farrell and Jim Irwin. read more >
Pinnacle Hotel Group plans to develop a hotel on land recently purchased in downtown Little Rock.
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Pinnacle Hotel Group Picks Up Property in Downtown LRLock Icon

Land for a $17 million hotel development highlights a six-pack of multimillion-dollar transactions. read more >
Senate President Jonathan Dismang (pictured) and House Speaker Jeremy Gillam said Gov. Asa Hutchinson should limit the special session agenda to his plan to keep and rework the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion.
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Dismang, Gillam Pick 16 for Governor’s Tax Reform Group

Ten Republicans and six Democrats have been named to serve on a legislative task force that will recommend tax cuts before the 2019 session. read more >
A Little Rock retail project at 6 Bass Pro Drive is under new ownership.
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Gateway Retail Sale Tops $3.5 Million (Real Deals)Lock Icon

Gateway Village I LLC, led by Tommy Hodges, sold the 6 Bass Pro Drive project, home of David’s Burgers, Hogman’s Gameday Superstore and more. read more >
Government & Politics

Arkansas to Cut $43M from Upcoming Year’s Budget

Arkansas is cutting its budget for the coming fiscal year by $43 million, state officials announced Tuesday, days after the governor ordered reductions in this year's funding for state agencies. read more >