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Mark Abernathy

Mark Abernathy, owner and executive chef of Little Rock’s Loca Luna and Red Door restaurants
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‘Flexibility’ Is Job One for Hospitality Employers

The Arkansas hospitality industry, like industries across the United States, has worked hard to recruit and retain workers in the tightest labor market in decades. read more >
Mark Abernathy, owner and executive chef of Little Rock’s Loca Luna and Red Door restaurants
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Timing of Plans to Boost Pay Spurs Concern Among Restaurateurs

Mark Abernathy has been in the restaurant business for 50 years but never, he says, has he faced a time like the present: “This is the most unstable, unpredictable situation I’ve ever seen.” read more >
Little Rock restaurateurs Scott McGehee, Capi Peck and Mark Abernathy agree that plant-based menus are getting the green light from diners.
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Local Chefs Prognosticate Food Trends

One food and dining trend on which almost all agree is plant-based proteins and plant-based menus in general, including vegan dishes. read more >
Mark Abernathy Owner and Executive Chef of Loca Luna and the Red Door restaurants in Little Rock
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Restaurateur Mark Abernathy Dishes on Dips, Tips and the Demise of Juanita’s

Mark Abernathy has known success and failure during his 49 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and he knows what it takes to make a memorable cheese dip. read more >
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Restaurants in Arkansas Fight to Keep Good Workers

Finding and keeping good restaurant workers in the current tight labor market is a big problem in Arkansas as well as nationwide. read more >
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Chef Shuttle Sale Illustrates Importance of Convenience

The sale of Little Rock's Chef Shuttle to Bite Squad highlights the biggest trend in the restaurant industry these days: food delivery. The Nation's Restaurant News calls delivery "one of the fastest-moving trends in industry history. If not the fastest." read more >
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‘A Lot of Fun,’ Says Juanita’s Founder Mark Abernathy

Juanita’s Mexican Café & Bar broke culinary and musical ground when it opened at 13th and Main streets in 1986, as a visit with one of its founders, Mark Abernathy, reminded us. read more >
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Healthy Balance Main Ingredient in Keeping Restaurant Customers Happy, Says Abernathy

While Mark Abernathy fondly remembers the past and Juanita's, he’s all about what’s happening now, and that means his Little Rock restaurants Loca Luna and Red Door. read more >
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Little Rock Restaurants Try to Learn From Critics

Everybody’s a critic. That’s not news to the restaurant industry. But with the Internet and social media, every restaurant customer — whether professional reviewer or amateur — can access a potentially worldwide platform. And that’s something the business takes seriously. read more >
The $68.6 million project to renovate Robinson Center Music Hall wil increase the building's size to 138,000 SF from 133,500 SF.
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Little Rock Voters Approve Plan for Robinson Center Renovation

Voters in Little Rock approved a plan to use a portion of the city's existing 2 percent restaurant and hotel tax to repay bonds for a renovation of Robinson Center Music Hall. read more >
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The Robinson Vote: A Rebuttal to Our Editorial by Mark Abernathy

Some in Little Rock's restaurant industry object to the idea of using bonds to pay for up to $73.5 million in renovations to Robinson Center Music Hall. Mark Abernathy is among them. read more >