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Michael Langley

Michael Langley
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Former ABC Director Michael Langley Joins Barber Law Firm

Michael Langley has joined the Barber Law Firm as an attorney. He most recently served as director of the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division from 2007 to 2015. read more >
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Asa Hutchinson Names Gary ‘Bud’ Roberts to Lead ABC

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Thursday announced Gary "Bud" Roberts as the new director of the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. read more >
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Beer, Wine Permits Soon To Be Served in Saline, Columbia Counties

With voter approval Nov. 4 of alcohol sales in Saline and Columbia counties, retailers have been lining up for permits. read more >
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Craft Brewers’ Growth Spurs Look at Rules

The explosive growth of the craft brewing industry in Arkansas is causing the brewers themselves and state regulators to re-evaluate the rules governing the sector, a re-evaluation that has the potential to lead to new state laws. read more >
Sherwood’s North Hills Shopping Center needs a new tenant after PopATop North decided not to reopen in a new building there.
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Sherwood North Hills Shopping Center Needs New Tenant

The first new construction in the North Hills Shopping Center at JFK and North Hills boulevards in Sherwood in decades is ready to lease. read more >
Richard Weiss, director of the state Department of Finance & Administration, has worked under three governors. One of the bigger challenges his successor will face will be reconciling the state’s fiscal obligations with available funds, he says.
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Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson Begins Bureaucrat Shuffle

After eight years with a Democrat at the helm of the executive branch, Republican Asa Hutchinson’s agency director appointments are also an opportunity to shape the next four years of business in the state. read more >
Post Familie Vineyards.
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New Shipping Law More Miss Than Hit, Arkansas Wine Producers Say

Arkansas’ wine producers said Act 483, which went into effect in August 2013, puts the state wineries at a competitive disadvantage to out-of-state shippers. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration said 114 permits have been issued to allow shipping to Arkansas consumers, but only two permits have been given to a state winery. read more >
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ALL-CAPS OUTRAGE (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

My position has always been that voters should have a reasonable opportunity to decide the wet-dry question. I would prefer that they be able to decide it on a county-by-county basis, but the liquor store owners, through their friends in the Legislature, made it unreasonably difficult and expensive to get county-specific referendums on the ballot. So now we’ll get a statewide vote instead. read more >
Michael Langley, director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, predicts the state Legislature would take a “conservative” approach to any potential alcohol legislation. | (Photo by Jason Burt)
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If Arkansas Goes Wet, ABC Has Plan

If Arkansans vote in November to open up the entire state to alcohol sales for the first time since the mid-1930s — and that remains a fairly big if — the man in charge of implementing the new order has a plan. read more >
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Independence County Pushing to Go Wet

A group of Independence County residents wants to legalize alcohol sales across the county. Phillip Finch, chairman of Wet/Dry Let’s Decide, said he plans to start gathering signatures next month to place the question on the ballot in November. read more >
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Restaurants Open, Serving Cheer At Christmas (Sans the Nog)

As for this Christmas and dining choices, what follows is a by-no-means-comprehensive list for the Little Rock-North Little Rock area, with a side trip to Russellville. Calling ahead is highly recommended. read more >
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ABC Says Private Club Sign-ins On The Way Out

The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division has proposed ending the requirement that private clubs in Arkansas’ “dry” counties maintain signature log books to record the names of their “guests” — i.e., customers. read more >