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Michael Paladino

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NWA Tech Company RevUnit Shuts DownLock Icon

RevUnit built applications to help companies maximize worker engagement and productivity. read more >
Business Services

Layoffs at Bentonville Tech Firm as Demand SoftensLock Icon

RevUnit co-founder Michael Paladino said the company is looking at other cost-saving measures, as well. read more >
Small Business

RevUnit’s Joint Venture, Handled, Acquired by Missouri Company

Handled, a joint venture of RevUnit of Bentonville and UniGroup of Fenton, Missouri, has been fully acquired by UniGroup. read more >
Colin Shaw of RevUnit works on deep learning technologies that can identify people by facial recognition. Potential uses include identification in logging in to secure devices.
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Machine Learning Tops List of Hot, Trendy TechnologiesLock Icon

High-tech doors are just a hint at what goes on inside RevUnit, which builds applications to help businesses operate efficiently in areas like productivity, worker engagement and learning. read more >
RevUnit co-founders Michael Paladino (left) and Joe Saumweber
Business Services / Education / Media & Marketing

RevUnit Grows By Putting People First

There is more to technology than the tech itself; the people behind it matter, and they drive growth. That’s what Michael Paladino, co-founder and chief technology officer of RevUnit in Bentonville, said he believes and puts into practice at the northwest Arkansas business. read more >
Erika Suhr, the manager of the Hunger Not Impossible pilot program, says technology provides another way to address hunger.
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Arkansas Innovators Promote Tech’s Everyday Problem-Solving

As technology became accessible, people with a multitude of different agendas have embraced it. Some use it to design incredibly complex logistical plans for transportation; some use it to analyze big data for financial institutions; some use it to figure out a way to connect hungry people to food. read more >
Blake Johnston is an IT teacher at the University of Arkansas Global Campus, in Rogers, which offers an IT Readiness training program.
Education / Government & Politics / Health Care / Manufacturing

Companies Relying on Training Programs To Supply Candidates

Tech, health care and manufacturing executives say they have all run into the same sort of problem: finding employable candidates for the open jobs they have. read more >
Ed Drilling, the president of AT&T Arkansas, says “everybody is wanting more and more bandwidth.”
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Internet In Northwest Arkansas Feeling Stress

No one is complaining about the population and economic growth in northwest Arkansas, but all that growth is putting strains on the area’s infrastructure. read more >
Rick Webb
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Wal-Mart SVP Rick Webb: NWA Needs Employees Educated in STEM

Wal-Mart needs vast numbers of technologically advanced workers and needs them as soon as possible, says SVP Rick Webb. read more >
RevUnit co-founders Michael Paladino (left) and Joe Saumweber
Business Services / Small Business

For RevUnit, the ‘Hard’ Makes Startup Life ‘Great’

Bentonville digital marketing agency RevUnit just celebrated its first anniversary, and for co-founder and CEO Joe Saumweber, the toughest part of launching a startup venture is also the best part. read more >