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Michael Regan

Energy / Government & Politics

Strict New EPA Rules Would Force Coal-Fired Power Plants to Capture Emissions or Shut Down

WASHINGTON (AP) — Coal-fired power plants would be forced to capture smokestack emissions or shut down under a rule issued Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency. New limits on greenhouse […] read more >
Energy / Government & Politics

In Major Climate Step, EPA Proposes 1st Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Power Plants

If finalized, the proposed regulation would mark the first time the federal government has restricted carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. read more >
Government & Politics / Transportation

Trucking Sector Balks At Emissions Timeline

The EPA’s Phase 3 proposal called for standards that would result in 35% of short-haul tractors and 25% of long-haul tractors being electric by 2032. read more >
Energy / Government & Politics / Health Care

EPA Moves to Toughen Standards for Deadly Soot Pollution

The agency says reducing soot from tailpipes, smokestacks and wildfires could prevent thousands of premature deaths a year. read more >