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Lawsuits Allege Fraud in Arkansas Cannabis LicensingLock Icon

Prominent Arkansans have accused their attorney friends of setting them up as figurehead owners of medical marijuana dispensaries, sticking them with massive tax bills and casting new doubts on the integrity of the state’s cannabis licensing system. read more >
Abtin Mehdizadegan, left, and Brett Taylor, attorneys with Cross Gunter Witherspoon & Galchus PC, representing Southern Roots Cultivation, led by Dr. Carl Johnson, right.
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Medical Marijuana Licensing Under FireLock Icon

Sworn depositions reveal that the original licensing process was questionable enough to spawn an FBI investigation. read more >
Dr. Carlos Roman, member of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission
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No Confidence (Editorial)

Video of a Dr. Carlos Roman and unsuccessful applicant further clouds the process of choosing winners of the valuable cultivators’ permits. read more >
The Arkansas Supreme Court building in Little Rock.
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Marijuana Company Accused of Offering Commissioner A Bribe

The Arkansas attorney general's office says a member of the commission that awards licenses to grow medical marijuana has accused an unsuccessful applicant of trying to bribe him. read more >