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nuclear fusion

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Biden Administration’s Ambitious Goal: Nuclear Fusion Facility Within 10 Years for Clean Energy Revolution

Calling nuclear fusion a pioneering technology, Granholm said President Joe Biden wants to harness fusion as a carbon-free energy source that can power homes and businesses. read more >
Douglas Hutchings, CEO of Picasolar Inc. and Delta SunEnergy of Fayetteville

Hydrogen Hyperbole? The Future Will Tell

If knowledge is power, last month’s announcement of a breakthrough in harnessing the potential of nuclear fusion is a most literal example. read more >
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm speaks at United Nations headquarters in August 2022

Fusion Breakthrough Could be Climate, Energy Game-Changer

White House science adviser Arati Prabhakar, appearing with Granholm, called the fusion ignition "a tremendous example of what perseverance really can achieve" and "an engineering marvel beyond belief.'' read more >