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An Updated Look at Medical Marijuana Ownership in Arkansas

In conjunction with this week’s feature on the controversial history of medical marijuana business licensing in Arkansas, Arkansas Business sought out an update on the precise ownership of the state’s eight cannabis cultivation licensees. read more >
Former Arkansas lawmaker Eddie Armstrong and attorney for Responsible Growth Arkansas Steve Lancaster.
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Arkansas Poised to See Recreational Marijuana on the BallotLock Icon

Medicinal growers spend millions in bid for a vote on recreational cannabis. read more >
Robert Lercher of Bold Team with immature plants that will likely be among the first to reach the state’s new medical marijuana market. The cultivator may sell to any or all of 32 dispensary sites.
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Industry-Backed Proposal Would Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana

The group behind the ballot question, Responsible Growth Arkansas, is chaired by former Arkansas House Democratic Leader Eddie Armstrong III. read more >
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Marijuana Cultivator Turns Down Dispensary Over Cash PolicyLock Icon

Hot Springs dispensary owner Dragan Vicentic's penchant for paying for cannabis in cash, disdaining electronic payments, gives marijuana cultivator reason for blacklisting. read more >
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Third Medical Marijuana Cultivator Approved to Start Growing

A third medical marijuana cultivation facility has been approved to start growing, leaving just two facilities waiting for state inspection. read more >
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2nd Medical Marijuana Cultivation Company Gets State Clearance

Osage Creek Cultivation in Berryville is now the second company growing medical marijuana in Arkansas, joining Bold Team of Cotton Plant as the second of five cannabis cultivation sites cleared by the state. read more >
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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Growers Say Drug Ready by Spring

Two of the businesses licensed by Arkansas to grow medical marijuana say they expect to have the drug available for dispensaries as soon as April. read more >
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Forward Motion (Editorial)

It’s too late to wonder why the MMC didn’t use the same time-tested approach used by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to distribute package store licenses when a county goes wet: set a deadline for applications, determine whether each applicant meets all legal requirements and then draw randomly from among the qualified applicants. read more >
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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Panel Issues 5 Cultivation Licenses

Arkansas' Medical Marijuana Commission has awarded licenses to five cultivation companies after an injunction against issuing the licenses was lifted. read more >
Dr. Carlos Roman, member of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission
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Marijuana Commission’s Carlos Roman Defends Panel’s ChoicesLock Icon

Dr. Carlos Roman, a member of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, disputes what he calls the “false narrative” about his scoring of the applicants and defended the honesty of the commission. read more >
A proposal to legalize medical marijuana has been approved for the November ballot in Arkansas.
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In Reversal, Medical Pot Cultivator Picks Jackson County, Not Jefferson

In a stunning reversal that left officials in Pine Bluff "mad to the point of tears, practically," Natural State Wellness Enterprises LLC announced that it would put its medical marijuana cultivation facility in Jackson County. read more >
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Arkansas Names 5 Companies Picked to Grow Medical Marijuana

Arkansas regulators have announced five companies the state intends to license to grow medical marijuana under a voter-approved amendment that legalized the drug for certain patients. read more >