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Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corp.

Josh Davenport, CEO of Seal Solar Solutions of North Little Rock, with a demonstration model of the Tesla Powerwall. Seal has installed several of the battery units with solar panel projects and is seeing increased interest in storage options.
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Where’s Solar When the Grid Goes Out?Lock Icon

As the planet warms and storms, hurricanes, floods and wildfires intensify, backup power systems are an urgent new market in renewable energy. But take a lesson from windy, fiery California: Even if you have solar panels and sunshine, your home or business could stay dark. read more >
Lioneld Jordan
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Fayetteville, Ozarks Electric and TPI, Attach Solar-Storage Combo to Grid

One of the state's first large-scale combinations of solar energy generation and battery storage hooked onto the power grid this week, a $23 million landmark in the city of Fayetteville's commitment to sustainable energy. read more >
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Spike in Co-op Revenues? Give Mother Nature Credit

A quick look at annual reports from the state’s electric cooperative companies shows a significant spike in 2018 revenue over 2017, but the reason is no mystery, officials say. read more >
Entegrity Partners is building a solar array like this one for Phillips County. This project was completed in Brickeys (Lee County) for the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
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Phillips County Joins Government Solar Push

Phillips County Judge Clark Hall is counting on solar power to save his county money and help shine its image. The county has hired Entegrity Partners of Little Rock to build a 400-kilowatt photovoltaic array as part of its major new justice complex near Helena Regional Medical Center. read more >
Jennah Denney, marketing coordinator for Today's Power Inc., at one of the utility-scale solar arrays the company has built around Arkansas and beyond.
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Today’s Power Looking Forward to a Sunny 2019Lock Icon

Today’s Power Inc., the Little Rock company specializing in building small utility-scale solar power generation projects for the state’s electric distribution co-ops, has six noteworthy projects on the books for 2019. read more >
Lioneld Jordan
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Major Fayetteville Solar Project to Power Water Treatment Plants

Fayetteville took another step Tuesday night in its groundbreaking push to power all municipal operations with 100 percent clean energy by 2030, commissioning a major two-site solar power generation and storage system. read more >

Best Places to Work: Ozarks Electric Cooperative

Among Ozarks Electric Cooperative's family-friendly benefits are paid and unpaid paternity leave for birth or adoption, and adoption financial assistance. read more >
Michael Skelly, founder and president of Clean Line Energy Partners of Houston
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Renewable Trend in Energy May Be Beyond Trump’s Grasp

Donald J. Trump won the presidency after a campaign largely negative to renewable sources like solar and wind power, but forces in favor of cleaner power could prove even bigger than The Donald. read more >