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Mountaire Corp. Owner Argues Influence of Rich Donors on Politics

Politico recently ranked the top 100 donors to political campaigns in 2014 and an Arkansan made the list. read more >
A screenshot of the article from Politico.com.
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‘Zillionaire’ Screed Has Arkansas Connection

An open letter that Nick Hanauer wrote to “My Fellow Zillionaires” was getting a lot of attention in Politico a couple of weeks ago, especially from political liberals delighted to see a rich guy making a self-serving case for higher minimum wage and a healthier middle class. read more >
Blake Rutherford
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‘I’m Warm, Dammit’ (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

Forced to confront the issue of likability in recent weeks, Republican senatorial candidate Tom Cotton has gone on a "charm offensive," according to one news outlet. But likability isn't as important as we tend to believe, and Cotton's political troubles have roots in more serious matters related to his performance. read more >
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Allbritton, Shedding TV Properties Like KATV, Already Investing More in the Web

Allbritton Communications, which earlier this year sealed a deal to sell all its local television stations -- including Little Rock's KATV-TV Channel 7 -- to Sinclair Broadcasting Group Inc., has wasted little time making investments in its new medium of choice, the Internet. read more >
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Politico Follows Up With Mike Huckabee After Arkansas Business Story

Politico, following up on Arkansas Business reporter Kate Knable's interview (published Monday), with Mike Huckabee, finds the former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate still working out whether he'll return for another year of his eponymous radio show. read more >
KATV-TV, Channel 7
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Politico: KATV Owner Allbritton Mulls TV Station Sale

Politico, the daily political news website, is reporting that its owner, Allbritton Communications, is exploring a potential sale of its TV stations, which includes ABC affiliate KATV-TV, Channel 7, in Little Rock. read more >
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Joe L. Allbritton, Founder of KATV Parent Company, Is Dead at 87

Joe L. Allbritton, the founder of Allbritton Communications, which owns KATV-TV, Channel 7, in Little Rock and Politico, has died at age 87. read more >