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Randy Barymon

Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

New Hospital Designation Offers Hope in Pocahontas

On Sept. 1, the Pocahontas hospital was the first in the state to receive the newly created Rural Emergency Hospital designation. read more >
Randy Barymon • Administrator, St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center
Business Services / Health Care

Randy Barymon Wants Services Delivered to See Five Rivers Thrive

Randy Barymon, the new leader at St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center in Pocahontas, says listening to workers and understanding their needs improves retention. read more >
Jamie Mobley of ARcare of Augusta
Health Care / Media & Marketing

Mobley Moves to ARcare (Movers & Shakers)

Jamie Mobley has joined ARcare of Augusta as senior vice president of marketing, overseeing the health care network’s brand in Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky. read more >