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Ray Hanley

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Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care Gets New CEO (Super Mover)

John Selig will lead the organization in focusing on improving health and health care through AFMC’s private and public partnerships. read more >
John Selig
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John Selig To Lead AFMC

He succeeds Ray Hanley, who is retiring. read more >
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Website Provides Employers With Resources for COVID-19 Vaccinations

A partnership involving Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield launches VaccinateArkansas.com, a site for employers to get information and resources about COVID-19 vaccines in Arkansas. read more >
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Working Together for a Drug-Free Workforce (Commentary)

More than ever, employers face hurdles in creating a ready, drug-free workforce. The opioid and drug epidemic is one of the most serious threats to Arkansas’ economy and the workforce. read more >
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Is Your Health Information Safe? (Ray Hanley Commentary)

The American health care industry’s move to electronic health records has made individual patient records more accessible by third-party vendors and consultants. But it also increases access for cybercriminals. read more >
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Multiple Ways to Keep Arkansas Works Insurance (Ray Hanley Commentary)

One aspect of the Medicaid expansion/Arkansas Works debate that gets little attention is the efforts to help eligible Arkansans keep their health insurance. read more >
Ray Hanley, president & CEO of the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, opposes attempts to halt the Affordable Care Act.
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Obamacare Lawsuit Stirs Worries for InsurersLock Icon

Arkansas and 19 other Republican-led states are taking their shot at dismantling the Affordable Care Act, rekindling the anxieties of health care executives who fear thousands of Arkansans could lose insurance coverage. read more >
Scott Pace is the CEO of the Arkansas Pharmacists Association.
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The Trump Effect: Arkansans Brace for Obamacare Repeal

With Obamacare in critical condition, Arkansas hospital officials are closely watching Washington while warning that it’s too early to predict an outcome. read more >
Ray Hanley, president and CEO of the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care: “Arkansas has a lot to be proud of.”
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Arkansas Sidesteps Some Obamacare Problems with Unique Mix

The Affordable Care Act has been a mixture of good and bad news for Arkansas, but the state’s unique approach to expanding Medicaid has resulted in a different experience from that making national headlines. read more >
Arlington Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom
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The Historic Arlington, Still Vital (Ray Hanley Commentary)

Once the largest hotel in the state, the Arlington Hotel's role in the development of Hot Springs has earned its position in the history and economy of the city. read more >
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Five Arkansas Health Organizations Form Partnership

Five Arkansas health-related organizations announced Thursday that they have formed The Partnership for a Healthy Arkansas, a shared services organization they say will improve health care quality and lower costs. read more >
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Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care Teams With Aledade To Arm, Reward Docs

Aledade is what’s called an ACO, an accountable care organization, a relatively new type of entity established by the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act for the purpose of improving health care quality while controlling unnecessary spending. read more >
About 300 people attended Wednesday's Arkansas Business Health Care Symposium at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock.
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At Symposium, Employers Told to Budget Now for Health Care Reform

Employers should assess their business quickly to determine a plan of action that minimizes risk as they face looming health care reforms that are already taking place, according to speakers at Wednesday’s Arkansas Business Health Care Symposium. read more >
Ray Hanley
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Private Option Will Work, Save Money (Ray Hanley Commentary)

We are facing a very real health care crisis in our state and nation. Ignoring the problem and doing nothing isn’t an acceptable course of action. The private option is our best approach to the major social issue of our time, namely how to do what every other advanced country in the world has done — ensure basic health care for all our families at a reasonable cost. read more >