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recreational marijuana

A map showing the Arkansas counties that voted in favor legalizing recreational marijuana in the 2022 midterm elections.
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Snuffed Out: How The Recreational Marijuana Amendment FailedLock Icon

An “unusual alliance” across the political spectrum and doubts about business details helped doom the legalization attempt, campaign veterans and observers say. read more >
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Arkansas Voters Reject Recreational Marijuana, While Maryland and Missouri Vote to Legalize

The initiative in Arkansas drew the criticism of traditional legalization opponents as well as some medical marijuana advocates. read more >
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What’s Next for Cannabis (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Why the recreational cannabis law passed/failed this week, and what’s next. read more >
Alex Gray
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Medical Marijuana Firms Lead Donations to Recreational Cannabis Campaigns

All told, marijuana legalization campaigns have raised about $23 million in five states, including Arkansas. read more >
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Reject These 4 Proposed Amendments (Editorial)

Vote no on Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4, four proposed amendments to the Arkansas Constitution. read more >
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Fingers Crossed for a Fair Shot (Editorial)

Arkansas’ existing medical marijuana industry is excited about the prospect of legalization, having bankrolled the voter initiative. read more >
Nate Steel, a Little Rock lawyer, is chief compliance and government affairs officer for Good Day Farm, which supports adult-use cannabis and the causes that tax proceeds from legalization would support.
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Cannabis Legalization: Business Pros and ConsLock Icon

What the vote for recreational marijuana could mean for business, from the size of the market to its sales and tax potential. read more >
The Arkansas Supreme Court building in Little Rock.
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Battle on Recreational Cannabis Set for November Vote

The Arkansas Supreme Court issued a ruling late Thursday that cleared the way for counting votes on the measure. read more >
Before Good Day Farm, Herget was the founder and CEO of Chef Shuttle, a Little Rock restaurant meal delivery service that he sold in 2017 to Bite Squad.
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Good Day Farm Excited for the Possibility of Recreational Marijuana, Says CEO Ryan Herget

In less than two years, the Good Day Farm has grown from a local cannabis company to the largest cannabis company in the South. read more >
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Recreational Marijuana Will Get a Vote This Fall, but Will It Count?

The measure was granted conditional approval while supporters try to get the Arkansas Supreme Court to restore its rejected ballot title. read more >
Former Arkansas lawmaker Eddie Armstrong and attorney for Responsible Growth Arkansas Steve Lancaster.
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Arkansas Poised to See Recreational Marijuana on the BallotLock Icon

Medicinal growers spend millions in bid for a vote on recreational cannabis. read more >
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Signatures for Recreational Pot, Casino Measures Submitted

Friday was the deadline for groups to turn in the signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot. read more >
Robert Lercher of Bold Team with immature plants that will likely be among the first to reach the state’s new medical marijuana market. The cultivator may sell to any or all of 32 dispensary sites.
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Industry-Backed Proposal Would Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana

The group behind the ballot question, Responsible Growth Arkansas, is chaired by former Arkansas House Democratic Leader Eddie Armstrong III. read more >
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Recreational Cannabis Now Legal in 15 States, D.C.

Four states legalized recreational marijuana on Nov. 3, Election Day: Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota, bringing the tally of states where it’s now legal to 15, as well as the District of Columbia. read more >
Melissa Fults, executive director of the Drug Policy Education Group, says regulation of recreational marijuana is essential.
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Prospect of Full Marijuana Legalization Stirs PassionsLock Icon

Both the supporters and the opponents of legalizing recreational marijuana in Arkansas say they’re thinking of the children. read more >