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Demographic Trends Signal Potential Growth in Medical Cannabis MarketLock Icon

Data from the Arkansas Department of Health offers a glimpse at what could become the expanded medical cannabis market. read more >
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Medical Cannabis: Allies Back a Proposal for GrowthLock Icon

The medical marijuana industry has lined up support from patient advocates who opposed a 2022 recreational vote. read more >
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Medical Marijuana Use Spread Unevenly in Arkansas

Arkansans spent $181 million on more than 28,000 pounds of medical marijuana in 2020, the first full year of legal cannabis sales in the state, according to data from the state Department of Finance & Administration. read more >
Storm Nolan, owner of River Valley Relief Cultivation, has a license to grow medical marijuana in a 25,000-SF section of warehouse in Fort Smith.  Only a lawsuit stands in his way.
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Room to Grow: State Adds New Cannabis Growers

The Arkansas medical marijuana system has cleared three new growers, but the existing five cultivators are suing. read more >
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Dispensary to Sell Self-Grown Products; Total Sales Top 1,100 Pounds, $8M

As Arkansas crossed the thousand-pound landmark in medical marijuana sales the Hot Springs dispensary that sold the state's first legal cannabis became the first retail outlet to grow, harvest and prepare to sell self-grown product. read more >