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Rob Sharp

The Network is a net zero apartment building with 28 fully occupied one-bedroom units. Built by Entegity of Little Rock, it is opposite the Fayetteville public library.
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Entegrity’s Network Building in Fayetteville Cuts the Electric BillLock Icon

Entegrity’s Network project proves that net zero living can be had at market rates. read more >
Admiration for classic European architecture inspired Joan and Bruce Johnson to build Dromborg, the castle-like residence now for sale for $9.7 million.
Construction / Real Estate / Tourism

Dromborg Castle in Fayetteville for Sale — for $9.7M

Joan and Bruce Johnson, who translated their love for “a time of yore” into a 12,000-SF “castle,” have put that regal home, which took them four years to build, up for sale. read more >