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Ron Johnson

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the U.S. Department of Defense in February 2021
Government & Politics / Insurance

Biden Warns of GOP Plans for Medicare, Social Security Cuts

As budget negotiations move ahead, expect the long history of GOP efforts to slash the popular entitlement programs for seniors to remain a politically powerful weapon the White House intends to wield. read more >
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

Sanders Names Trump White House Veteran as Communications Chief

Alexa Henning was the White House's director of broadcast media under Trump. read more >
Tom Cotton
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Paul Ryan: GOP Will Work on Repealing, Replacing Health Law

At least six GOP senators — including Arkansas' Tom Cotton — have expressed qualms about repeal without having a substitute - something Republicans have failed for years to produce. read more >
Stephen Quinn
Media & Marketing / Public Companies / Retail

Wal-Mart’s Chief Marketing Officer to Retire

The world's largest retailer confirmed Thursday that its chief marketing officer Stephen Quinn is retiring, and it's tapping into the talent of former Target executive Michael Francis as a consultant. read more >
Media & Marketing / Public Companies / Retail

The JC Penney Debacle: Consumers Win (Craig Douglass On Consumers)

After losing 25 percent of its overall business in 2012, and posting a first-quarter sales drop of 16 percent over the same period last year, the J.C. Penney board brought to an end CEO Ron Johnson’s 17-month tenure and his revamped pricing strategy. read more >