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Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

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Student Loan Payments Resume: How Arkansas Employers Are Easing the BurdenLock Icon

With student loan payments resuming, some employers are helping workers access a program to eliminate debt. read more >
Sarah Catherine Gutierrez of Aptus Financial in Little Rock.
Education / Investments / Legal / Media & Marketing

Gutierrez Recognized by Investment News (Movers & Shakers)

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez is the first Arkansan to be named to the Investment News 40 Under 40 list. She was chosen from around 1,000 nominees by a panel of reporters, editors and other representatives of Investment News. read more >
Investments / Media & Marketing / Nonprofits

Campaign Encourages Women to Save 10%

A statewide campaign is calling on Arkansas women to take control of their futures by changing how they think about retirement. read more >
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Restaurants & Food

The Best Time to Nudge Your Employees to Save (Sarah Catherine Gutierrez Commentary)

People will save money if we can first make it easy and then ask them to save. read more >
Sarah Catherine Gutierrez of Aptus Financial in Little Rock.
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Insurance / Media & Marketing / Retail / Small Business

Trend of Extreme Savings Catching FIRELock Icon

FIRE devotees employ tactics like tracking every penny, questioning every purchase, and finding cheaper options like biking instead of owning a car or buying consignment clothes. read more >
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Investments / Legal / Media & Marketing

Grown-Up Money (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

Nothing I’ve learned from nearly 19 years as editor of Arkansas Business resonates more than this: Wealth and the appearance of wealth are two different things. And yet we fall for appearances over and over again. read more >
Andy Terry
Business Services / Government & Politics / Insurance / Investments

Are You My Fiduciary?

Andy Terry is a professor of finance in the School of Business at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He’s also a chartered financial analyst and a registered investment adviser, and a friend’s infuriating experience has prompted him to expand that part of his professional life. read more >