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Cecilee Pamplin, public relations specialist with The Communications Group of Little Rock, and her coworkers have been working from home since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Remote Work Presents Cybersecurity ChallengesLock Icon

The work-from-home model many employers rushed to adopt during COVID-19 and are expected to keep post-pandemic requires a rethinking of cybersecurity measures, communication strategies and employee work-life balance. read more >
Aaron Gamewell President, CEO and Managing Partner of SBS CyberSecurity
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SBS Cybersecurity CEO Aaron Gamewell Dies From Cancer

Aaron Gamewell, chairman and CEO of SBS CyberSecurity, passed away Wednesday in his hometown of Little Rock following his battle with cancer. read more >
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Virtual ‘Bombing’ in Zoom Meetings Preventable

For casual users, bombers are an inconvenience. For businesses holding more virtual meetings amid the pandemic, they could be alarming if company teams share confidential or proprietary information in meetings. read more >
Acxiom hosts and volunteers its experts at the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Girls of Promise Coding Summit, which was held in July.

SBS CyberSecurity, Acxiom Work to Close Cybersecurity Gender Gap

Two companies in Arkansas are working to close the gender gap in cybersecurity — a gap that has always existed on a national scale — and they say exposing young girls to the growing field is the key to getting that done. read more >
Aaron Gamewell President, CEO and Managing Partner of SBS CyberSecurity
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Aaron Gamewell Stays Vigilant Against Hackers, Lack of Planning

Aaron Gamewell of SBS Cybersecurity identifies four of the biggest mistakes your company might be making in your IT department. read more >
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Cryptojacking Is Trend to WatchLock Icon

Cryptojacking, the unauthorized use of others’ computers to "mine" cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, has surpassed the use of ransomware as the top cybercrime. read more >
George Schaefer
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SBS CyberSecurity Names COO

SBS CyberSecurity of Little Rock has named George Schaefer its COO. read more >
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Russian Hackers’ Methods Aren’t New, but Take NoteLock Icon

Although the hacking of Democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign had major repercussions, the methods used by the 12 Russians accused of the crime were not out of the ordinary, according to cybersecurity experts in Arkansas. read more >
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Data Theft: Is Your Business Ready? (Aaron Gamewell Expert Advice)

Aaron Gamewell of SBS CyberSecurity offers his list of actions that every business should deploy to mitigate the risk of a data breach. read more >