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South by Southwest

A panel discussion featuring Conny Braams of Unilever, Jeremi Gorman of Netflix, Michael E. Kassan of MediaLink, and Tim Mapes of Delta Airlines at South by Southwest 2023.
Banking & Finance / Media & Marketing

South by Southwest is Different With a Baby (Elizabeth Michael Commentary)

Notably absent from this year's festival in Austin were many of the larger social media companies, which usually speak on panels and host brand activations. read more >
Amber Venz Box, left, the cofounder of the shopping app LTK, speaks with Bloomberg anchor Madison Mills during an even at South by Southwest 2022
Business Services / Media & Marketing / Small Business

Beyond the Buzzwords, Lessons on Community and Authenticity at SXSW 2022 (Elizabeth Michael Commentary)

With Web3 and the metaverse aiming to redefine consumer experiences, meaningful connections will be the key to brand success. read more >

Three Takeaways from SXSW 2019 (Elizabeth Michael Commentary)

The major trends at this year's South by Southwest festival can be summed up in one word: authenticity. Each session addressed authenticity in unique ways. Three main themes emerged: empathy, influencers and social justice on social media. read more >
Austin, Texas, during the South-by-Southwest Interactive festival.
Media & Marketing

CJRW@SXSWi: Final Thoughts on Design, Content & Word of Mouth

Rob Anderson of CJRW files his final post from South-by-Southwest Interactive in Austin. Here's some of the very best notes from sessions on design, content and advertising. read more >
Lots to read and learn at bookstores throughout Austin during this week's festival.
Media & Marketing

CJRW@SXSWi: Reaching Those Big-Spending Millennials

Rob Anderson of CJRW on the circus atmosphere of South-by-Southwest Interactive. Also: key takeaways on a session about how to reach Millennials. read more >
A Kickstarter page for Ries' new project, a Lean Startup "field guide" called "The Leaders Guide."
Investments / Media & Marketing / Small Business

CJRW@SXSWi: Eric Ries Shares How Lean Startup Strategies Can Apply to All Businesses

Eric Ries, who pioneered the new-business methodologies known as "The Lean Startup," shares tips and advice for small businesses and startups at South-by-Southwest Interactive in Austin. read more >
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone talks creativity and defining success at South-By-Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas.
Media & Marketing / Small Business

CJRW@SXSWi: Biz Stone of Twitter on Creativity, Success

Rob Anderson of CJRW is at South-by-Southwest Interactive in Austin. Today, he shares highlights from a session on creativity and defining success featuring Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. read more >
Business Services / Media & Marketing / Small Business

Video Pitch Contest Helps Unveil New Startup Site

A new, redesigned website for entrepreneurs and small businesses has been launched by Arkansas Capital Corporation, and a video elevator pitch contest will help unveil it. read more >