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Stephanie Flowers

Alan Clark
Government & Politics

Arkansas Senator Suspended Over Filing Frivolous Complaint

The Senate earlier this month rejected a complaint Clark had filed against Democratic Sen. Stephanie Flowers accusing her of improperly receiving per diem payments for legislative meetings she attended via Zoom. read more >
Dr. José Romero, chief medical officer at the Arkansas Department of Health
Government & Politics / Health Care

Despite Virus Pushback, Legislators Confirm Health Secretary Romero

Arkansas' top health official was confirmed by the state Senate despite pushback from some Republican lawmakers over the state's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. read more >
Stephanie Flowers
Government & Politics

Stephanie Flowers Censured for Swearing at Colleague

An Arkansas lawmaker was censured for calling a colleague a “dumbass" during debate Tuesday over a nonbinding resolution on history that was overwhelmingly rejected. read more >
Stephanie Flowers

Stephanie Flowers: ‘God Will Judge Me’

An Arkansas state senator who angrily repudiated her senate judiciary colleagues when the committee voted to limit public debate on a gun rights bill has said she stands by her words and won't apologize for her passion. read more >
Stephanie Flowers
Government & Politics / Legal

Senate Committee Votes Down New Self-Defense Bill

After a heated and contentious debate, Arkansas' Senate Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday against a bill which would have loosened regulations for the use of deadly force in self-defense. read more >
Bishop Woosley, director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.
Education / Government & Politics / Retail

Lottery Oversight Committee Votes ‘Non Support’ On Video Bets

The Arkansas lottery is trying to find ways to boost sales so the state can award more college scholarships, but a legislative panel showed little affection Tuesday for the methods that could be employed. read more >
Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson's measure would require new applicants for unemployment benefits to submit to a drug screen; current unemployment recipients would be randomly tested for benefits on a frequency determined by the state's Department of Workforce Services.
Government & Politics

Arkansas Lawmakers Weigh Drug-Testing Proposal

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock, who filed the bill, said that the state -- which administers unemployment benefits -- has a compelling interest in ensuring that people receiving unemployment benefits are not illegally using drugs. read more >