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Steve Williams

Bob Roberts of Legacy Capital in Little Rock.
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Bob Roberts Named COO at Legacy Capital (Movers & Shakers)

Bob Roberts, a former CFO of Baptist Health, is now chief operating officer of Legacy Capital. read more >
A driver for J.B. Hunt undergoes follicle sampling, which usually involves cutting or shaving an inch-and-a-half of hair.
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Trucking Alliance Finds Survey Results Hair Raising

The Trucking Alliance has preached driver safety for years, lobbying for electronic logging devices and hair testing drivers for illegal drug use. Now, the Alliance says it has some concrete and scary numbers to support its stance on hair testing. read more >
North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith hopes the City Council will approve a bond issue for $4 million in airport improvements.
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North Little Rock Looks to the SkiesLock Icon

North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith had heard complaints about the North Little Rock Municipal Airport. Last fall, he asked some of the critical executives to put their concerns in writing, into a form he could take to the City Council. They did, and the remarks were scathing. read more >
Steve Williams
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Steve Williams Leaves Arkansas Trucking BoardLock Icon

After serving for more than two decades, Steve Williams of Maverick USA in North Little Rock stepped down from the board. read more >
Maverick Transportation’s $4 million driver training center.
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Billions in Safety Costs Pay Off for Truckers

The American Trucking Associations released a report on a 2015 study that showed that the trucking industry spends $9.5 billion a year on safety initiatives. The investments are proving to be worth it. read more >
Maverick USA, Inc. now owns Flanary and Sons Trucking, Inc.
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Truckers Still Feeling Driver Pinch

An American Trucking Associations analysis reported an expected shortage of a record-high 47,500 drivers by the end of 2015, an increase of nearly 10,000 from the year before. The report said driver shortage has been a growing problem since the industry began to recover from the recession in 2011. read more >
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Simulator To Develop Driver Skills at College of the Ouachitas

College of the Ouachitas is planning a high-tech way to address the truck driver shortage in Arkansas. read more >
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‘Jobs Now’ Summit Examines Growing Skills Gap

Ways to address a growing manufacturing skills gap was the focus of Tuesday's "Jobs Now: Arkansas Works When We Do" summit hosted by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce. read more >
Shannon Newton
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Shannon Newton on The Public’s ‘Blind Spot’ Toward Trucking

Shannon Newton was named president of the Arkansas Trucking Association on June 11 to replace Lane Kidd, who stepped down after 22 years. read more >
Maverick Transportation opened its new $4 million driver training center in late July in North Little Rock. | (Photo by Wil Chandler)
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Trucking Firms Raise Pay To Keep Moving

Listen to any Arkansas trucking company executive — with the possible exception of unionized ABF Freight — and you will hear lamentations about driver shortages in the industry. Short of cultural change to repopularize the job, executives know they have to pay more to attract drivers and work harder to keep them. The trend doesn’t look like it is going to get any better anytime soon. read more >
Maverick USA Inc. founder Steve Williams, left, and Gov. Mike Beebe.
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Maverick Goes Extra Mile to Train Drivers

Steve Williams, the CEO and founder of Maverick USA Inc., spent $4 million to expand and improve the driver training center at his company’s headquarters in North Little Rock. Williams held a grand opening on July 24 and all sorts of political and industry bigwigs showed up. read more >
Maverick USA Inc. founder Steve Williams, left, and Gov. Mike Beebe.
Construction / Transportation

Maverick Transportation Opens $4M Driving Training Center

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe was on hand as Maverick Transportation LLC of North Little Rock opened its $4 million driver training center on Thursday. read more >
Shannon Newton
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Shannon Newton Takes Driver’s Seat at Arkansas Trucking Association

Shannon Newton, 35, was named president of the Arkansas Trucking Association June 11, replacing Lane Kidd, who stepped down in February after 22 years. read more >
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Location, Location, Location (Editorial)

For the Teamsters and for North Little Rock, there is no bright side To ABF Frieght considering a move to Memphis. For the state of Arkansas, the only hope is to persuade ABF that the west side of the intersection between I-40 and the Mississippi River would be as good as the east side. read more >
Steve Williams
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Driver Shortage Costing Trucking Companies

Sure, Williams’ Maverick USA Inc. of North Little Rock reported 2013 revenue of $315 million, an increase of nearly 10 percent from 2012, to hold onto its place as the second-largest private transportation company in Arkansas. But, if Williams had a few more — or a lot more — drivers, he could have used them. read more >
Maverick USA of North Little Rock
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Maverick Transportation CEO Steve Williams Criticizes New Driving Rules

Williams is opposed to — where the “maverick” in him comes out — is when he sees something he perceives as an unneeded rule. That’s what led him to that June 18 testimony as the committee considered a pending Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation pertaining to hours of service. read more >

Arkansas Business College Deans Working to Match Curricula to Job Demands

Business college deans in Arkansas are working together to survey economic development trends and pattern their respective colleges’ curricula to meet job demands in the state. read more >
Education / Manufacturing

Business College Deans in Arkansas to Study Trends, Tailor Curricula for Jobs

Business college deans in Arkansas are working together to survey economic development trends and pattern their respective colleges' curricula to meet job demands in the state, according to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Institute for Economic Advancement. read more >