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Stuart Hankins

(Parcel lines are approximate and shown for illustration only.)
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Lakeside Estates Sale Tops $3.6M Mark (Real Deals)Lock Icon

The 26-acre Lakeside Estates Mobile Home Park in Jacksonville was bought from JES Properties LLC, led by Paul Spellmann . read more >
Stonehaven Assisted Living project at 101 Olympia Drive in Maumelle
Banking & Finance / Construction / Health Care / Insurance / Investments / Real Estate / Retail / Tourism

Stonehaven Purchase Surpasses $7.1 Million (Real Deals)

The 60-unit assisted living project in Maumelle was sold by Stonehaven Assisted Living LLC, led by James Thomas. The deal is financed with a $5.2 million loan from First Security Bank of Searcy. read more >
First Community Bank of Eastern Arkansas in Marion.
Banking & Finance / Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Marion Bank Ordered To Pay Letter of Credit Related to Crittenden Regional Bankruptcy

An insurance company had a straightforward $300,000 commercial letter of credit from First Community Bank of Eastern Arkansas, and that’s bad news for the Marion bank with $150.8 million in assets. read more >
M. David Howell Jr.
Banking & Finance / Legal

David Howell Probate Case Ends With Whimper

A convoluted probate case that started with a bombshell revelation more than 11 years ago concluded with a whimper Wednesday morning. Pulaski County Probate Judge Mary McGowan approved, with no objections and little discussion, the final distribution of assets from the estate of M. David Howell Jr. read more >

Final Accounting Ahead for David Howell Case

The favorable ruling by the Internal Revenue Service has cleared the way for what may be the final hearing in the eternal probate case of M. David Howell Jr. of Little Rock. read more >
M. David Howell
Banking & Finance / Investments / Legal

M. David Howell Jr. Estate Probate Case Set To Stretch Into 11th Year

Stuart Hankins, the Sherwood lawyer representing the Howell’s estate and its administrator, said he received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service last week requesting “seven categories of documents” that he assured would take some time to collect and remit. read more >
M. David Howell Jr.
Banking & Finance / Insurance / Investments / Legal

10 Years Later, Case of M. David Howell’s Ponzi Scheme Nears End

There is still one more piece to be dispensed with before 59 claimants who have already divided up $2 million get their shares of the $507,000 remaining in the estate. read more >