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Super Bowl

Media & Marketing

The Ad Bowl (There Was Also a Football Game)

Brands brought big stars, special effects and laughs. But local ad pros say the products were lost in the mix. read more >
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End the Madness (Editorial)

The internet’s decimation of local news has allowed lies and conspiracy theories to gain traction. read more >
Sports betting at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

The Super Bowl is Expected to Smash Betting Records

The volume of betting participation is projected to be 35% higher than last year, which was the previous record. read more >
Still frames from two Super Bowl ads for Baptist Health and Saracen Casino and produced by Stone Ward and Gary Heathcott, respectively
Health Care / Media & Marketing / Tourism

Contrasting Arkansas Ads Made Big Game Debut

Commercials for Baptist Health and Saracen Casino both featured women, but couldn't have been farther apart in tone. read more >
Media & Marketing

A Girl and Her Dog Won the Super Bowl, Local Ad Pros Say

Most advertisers played it safe this year. One marketing exec described the crop of ideas as "remarkably ordinary." read more >

Record Number of Americans Plan to Bet on Super Bowl

Wagers are expected to total $16 billion. read more >
Business Services / Media & Marketing / Public Companies

Grading the Super Bowl Ads, With Local Help

Marketing pros say two opposing themes drove the most engagement: newness and nostalgia. read more >
A man walks between semi-trucks blocking the streets of Ottawa, Ontario, in a protest of Canadian COVID-19 restrictions on Jan. 31, 2022. 
Government & Politics / Transportation

US Urges Canada to Use Federal Powers to End Bridge Blockade

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office said there is a willingness to "respond with whatever it takes" to end the blockades. read more >
An electric vehicle on a charger. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the number of charging stations in Arkansas is behind other states and more urban areas of the country.
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Down, Set, Watch: Electric Vehicles Driving Field (Josh Davenport Commentary)

An increasing number of Arkansas companies are embracing residential and commercial EV chargers to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences for an all-electric future. read more >
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Who Won in Super Ads? Loretta, and a Groundhog

The game plan was simple. Not for the Super Bowl, but for judging the ads. read more >
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When Every Day’s a Super Bowl (Ross Cranford Expert Advice)

Everybody knows that the Super Bowl is one of the most watched televised events of the year — 114.4 million viewers in 2015, the largest U.S. audience in history. And every client is now trying to reach customers where, increasingly, they live: on mobile devices. But as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently said, “We have a Super Bowl on mobile every day.” read more >
Danny Koteras
Media & Marketing

Stone Ward’s Danny Koteras Reviews Super Bowl Ads

Sure, there was a football game. But there was also a big marketing blitz playing out on TV screens across the country on Sunday. read more >
Sooligan co-founders Nikka Umil (left) and Natasia Malaihollo at the ARK Challenge Demo Day.
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The Story of Sooligan: From San Fran to Super Bowl Via NWA

Sooligan is a social media app that makes it easy to find and share information about any city in the world. read more >