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With Home Prices Up More Than 50%, Some States Try to Contain Property Taxes

Rising home values have led to higher real estate taxes around the U.S. Now many states are looking to provide relief — new laws in Alabama, Colorado and Wyoming will limit the growth in tax-assessed values for homeowners. read more >
Brian Thompson, a Little Rock CPA, has reconsidered his initial views on whether tax pros will suffer as itemization falls and filers embrace a higher standard deduction.
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Higher Standard: Will New Deduction Rules Hit Arkansas Tax Pros?Lock Icon

Doing your own taxes can be like changing your own motor oil, Little Rock CPA Brian Thompson says. Even if it’s simple, it can be a mess. read more >
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Pulaski County Ranked High on U.S. List of Average Net Capital Gains

This map reflects the percentage of taxpayers reporting net capital gains — the profits from sales of capital assets such as stock or real estate — by county in 2012. The shading of the counties is based on their rank out of 3,124 counties in the United States, with darker shades indicating higher values. read more >