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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

M.S. Wholesale Plumbing in Russellville

New Pope County Fax Case Brings $21M JudgmentLock Icon

Sending faxes to M.S. Wholesale Plumbing Inc. of Russeville can be a multimillion-dollar mistake. read more >
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Technical Violations (Editorial)

While all defendants must take all litigation seriously and businesses should be on notice that exact wording matters, there is no federal law that requires lawyers to pummel defendants who have committed harmless technical violations. read more >
M. S. Wholesale Plumbing of Russellville, top right, received a $12.5 million judgment against Eugene Kalsky, left, and his New Jersey pipe and steel company.
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Single Fax to Russellville Leads to $12.5M Judgment on New Jersey Pipe CompanyLock Icon

Eugene Kalsky and his pipe business was hit with a $12.5 million judgment obtained through Pope County Circuit Court, the result of a class-action lawsuit filed over Kalsky’s failure to include a specific opt-out notice on fax advertisements. read more >