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Tetra Technologies Inc.

Standard Lithium's drill rig at the well re-entry site in Lafayette County. The drill rig has since demobilized from the site after reaching a total measured depth of 8,940 feet, and has been replaced by a workover rig to complete perforations, final testing and sampling.
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Arkansas Lithium Is Now a Reality

The only remaining question is this: How big will the industry’s potential be? read more >
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A Foothold in a New Industry (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Another encouraging sign that a new industry could be at hand in south Arkansas. read more >
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Galvanic, Another Prospector, Finds Lode of Lithium in Arkansas Brine

The trove may hold enough lithium to produce batteries for 50 million electric cars, Galvanic President & CEO Brent Wilson told Arkansas Business. read more >
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Lithium Project Expands in Arkansas, With Murphy Oil Keeping Watch

While Standard Lithium expanding its reach for brine in South Arkansas, Murphy Oil Corp. is noting that it also has brine fields near El Dorado, but no active plans to exploit them. read more >
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New Method of Extracting Lithium Makes El Dorado a Golden ProspectLock Icon

There’s something in the water in south Arkansas, and a Canadian company is moving in with a new way to get it out, and eventually into cellphone batteries, laptop computers and electric cars. read more >