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Oil Glut by 2030? Electric Vehicles May Answer

Spare capacity — the amount that oil producers could be pumping but don’t because supplies are adequate — could rise to levels seen in the COVID pandemic, when millions of cars were sitting parked. read more >
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Update: Companies Withdraw Plan to Set Arkansas Lithium Royalties

The topic had been scheduled for discussion at an April 23 meeting of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission in El Dorado. read more >
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Bringing In the Brine: South Arkansas Lithium Projects Face Engineering ChallengesLock Icon

Companies have invested hundreds of millions to create an Arkansas lithium industry, the infrastructure for which will be costly. read more >
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Hints for Landowners On Lithium Royalties

Some of the people paying closest attention to the birth of a lithium industry in south Arkansas are the landowners with mineral rights leased out for their underground brine. read more >
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$365M Lithium Plant Plans Move Ahead for El Dorado

Vancouver-based Standard Lithium predicts commercial production will start in 2026. An even bigger project could come soon afterward. read more >
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A Gusher for an Era of EVs?Lock Icon

The lithium race, like the boom that followed drillers striking oil in the Smackover Formation a century ago, could transform Magnolia, El Dorado and the entire region. read more >