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Decline in Local News Outlets Accelerates Despite Efforts to Help

A new report shows that the decline of local news outlets is accelerating despite efforts to help, and more people are aware of the dire problems facing the industry. read more >
Catherine Nolte
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Reporting for America, And a Hungry Fort Smith

Report for America, a nongovernment service program to improve local news coverage, has partnered with newsrooms across America to beef up reporting on under-covered issues and communities. read more >
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Poll: Many in US Still Face COVID-19 Financial Loss

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans say they’re still feeling the financial impact of the loss of a job or income within their household as the economic recovery remains uneven one year into the coronavirus pandemic. read more >
Kelly P. Kissel
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AP’s Kelly P. Kissel Calling Baton Rouge After Years of LR News

Kelly P. Kissel left Little Rock eight days ago after 24 years of covering Arkansas’ biggest news stories for The Associated Press. But in a manner of speaking, he gave his notice 12 years ago. read more >
Dr. Ricardo Cáceda is researching the biology of suicide as an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
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Suicide: Unseen Public Health Crisis

In Arkansas, suicide is as common as traffic fatalities and three times as common as homicide. But both of those causes of death are reported routinely, while self-harm is not, making suicide seem far more rare than it really is. read more >
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Claudia Lauer to Join Little Rock AP Bureau

Claudia Lauer, a state Capitol reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, will join the staff of The Associated Press in its Little Rock bureau next month. read more >
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Bill Simmons, Democrat-Gazette Political Editor, Ex-AP Bureau Chief, Dies at 71

Bill Simmons, a former Associated Press bureau chief who covered Arkansas politics for nearly a half-century, including the Whitewater and Paula Jones scandals that dogged Bill Clinton's presidency, has died. read more >
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AP Survey: Economic Ills May Defy Next President

Whoever wins the U.S. presidential election will likely struggle to manage the biggest economic threats he'll face. That's the cautionary message that emerges from the latest Associated Press Economy Survey. read more >