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Paul Phillips of Crews & Associates

Growth and Improvement Trend Upward In Arkansas (Message from Sponsor)

Arkansas is a place to be proud of. There is so much natural beauty here, and communities across the state offer the amenities we need to live, work, raise families and just enjoy life. read more >

Rural Water Project a Boost for Berryville (Infrastructure | Winner, Class II)

When a 2011 referendum that would have created a water facilities board was defeated, Berryville Mayor Tom McKinney had to put his plans to extend water infrastructure to rural areas on hold. read more >

Fayetteville Tackles Tech Training With Three-pronged Approach (Education/Workforce | Winner, Class I)

The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce had a vision to not only equip business and industry with the talent needed to thrive in today’s changing economy, but also to create pathways that foster economic mobility for residents of the city, the region and Arkansas. read more >

Fayetteville Flips Switch to Solar Arrays (Infrastructure | Honorable Mention, Class I)

Fayetteville took a major step toward attaining its 2030 goal of using 100% clean energy when it entered into a 20-year collaborative agreement with Ozarks Electric Cooperative and Today’s Power Inc., to install solar panels at the city’s two wastewater treatment facilities. read more >

Career Center Puts Paris Students on Path to Work (Education/Workforce | Winner, Class III)

People who seek better lives and communities seeking a better trained workforce can realize their goals at the Tyson Foods Logan County Career Center (TFLCCC). read more >

Tiles Help Make Alma Water Tip Top (Infrastructure | Honorable Mention, Class II)

The city of Alma, after nearly a decade of unsuccessfully fighting an algae problem at its wastewater treatment facility, found the perfect non-chemical produced elixir when it adopted a lagoon cover system earlier this year. read more >

Eureka Springs Grows Plants, Awareness With Garden Project (Environmental | Winner, Class III)

The city’s Native Plant Garden Project (NPGP) began four years ago on Basin Spring Avenue, a public right of way. read more >

Little Rock Illuminates Streetlight Outage Tracking (Public Safety | Winner, Class I)

Little Rock’s comprehensive view of public safety includes more than police and fire departments, without diminishing their importance. read more >

Clarksville Aquatic Center Takes A Pass on Plastic (Environmental | Honorable Mention, Class II)

Clarksville knows that what is done today affects each of us tomorrow. read more >

Farmington First Responders Keep Pace With Population (Public Safety | Winner, Class II)

The Farmington City Council recognized that as the city continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is a need to provide the Public Safety Department with the tools and manpower to keep the community safe. read more >

Art Becomes Community Mission in Bentonville (Tourism | Winner, Class I)

You can’t put a price on quality of life. Bentonville didn’t try. But it realized the importance and the role that the arts plays. read more >

Bella Vista Cuts Ride Time With Paramedicine Plan (Public Safety | Honorable Mention, Class I)

The Bella Vista Fire Department continues to man the front lines of the community paramedicine movement in northwest Arkansas, and it does so unflinchingly because it believes the program can be both a cost saver and a money maker. read more >

Magnolia Beautifies, Upgrades Thanks to Square Deal (Tourism | Winner, Class II)

Magnolia set out to solve a plumbing issue. It got The Square Park. read more >

Community Policing Encompasses Cabot Cadets (Public Safety | Honorable Mention, Class I)

The Cabot Police Department continues to take a proactive approach in an effort to build positive relationships with area youth, including those with special needs, with its Junior Police Academy Program. read more >

Eureka Springs Taking Art to The Streets (Tourism | Winner, Class III)

The Eureka Springs Street Art Program is transforming underutilized spaces into public activity spaces, encouraging development while making a walk, drive or bike ride through town more fun, colorful and friendly. read more >

Festive Atmosphere Focused at Fayetteville (Tourism | Honorable Mention, Class I)

Affordability, job prospects and quality of life are among the reasons U.S. News and World Report has ranked Fayetteville as one of the top 5 places to live in America for three consecutive years. read more >
Canoo's electric pickup truck

Trail System a Top Trek for Travelers to Hot Springs (Tourism | Honorable Mention, Class I)

The Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission may be the driving force behind the establishment, maintenance and continued growth of the Northwoods Trail System that opened in November of 2018, but Steve Arrison’s agency isn’t in this alone. read more >

Mountain Home Creates Downtown Entertainment (Tourism | Honorable Mention, Class II)

The establishment of Arkansas’ first entertainment district, a venture Mountain Home civic leaders hope will be a financial boon to its downtown area, started with a simple goal of sprucing up the town square to attract more local business and tourism. read more >

Fort Smith Makes Connections Which Inspire Good Health (Wellness | Winner, Class I)

Over the course of four years, Fort Smith has prioritized wellness and fitness and has spearheaded a fight against pressing health issues. read more >

Farmington Welcomes Growth With Park Expansion Projects (Wellness | Winner, Class II)

Farmington knew growth was coming, and to accommodate the wellness needs of its expanding population, the city expanded its existing Creekside Park. read more >