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Supreme Court Seems Favorable to Biden Administration Over Efforts to Combat Social Media Posts

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court seemed likely Monday to side with the Biden administration in a dispute with Republican-led states over how far the federal government can go to combat controversial social […] read more >
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The Year of Social Media Soul-Searching: Twitter Dies, X and Threads are Born and AI Gets Personal

We lost Twitter and got X. We tried out Bluesky and Mastodon (well, some of us did). We fretted about AI bots and teen mental health. We cocooned in private […] read more >
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SCOTUS to Decide Legality of State Laws Limiting Social Media Platforms

The justices will review laws enacted by Republican-dominated legislatures and signed by Republican governors in Florida and Texas. read more >
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Response? Or Reaction? (Barry Goldberg on Leadership)

Strong leaders know the difference between a focused response and a knee-jerk reaction. read more >

Microsoft’s Media Literacy Program Aims to Empower Internet Users and Combat Misinformation

The tech company worked with the Trust Project, a nonprofit consortium of news organizations, to create advertisements directing internet users to a list of eight "trust indicators" that can be used to assess a website's credibility. read more >
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Congress Eyes New Rules for Tech: What’s Under Consideration

Tech regulation is gathering momentum on Capitol Hill as concerns skyrocket about China's ownership of TikTok and as parents navigating a post-pandemic mental health crisis have grown increasingly worried about what their children are seeing online. read more >
Public Companies

Tech Industry Job Cuts Come Rapidly and in Big Numbers

Even with all of the layoffs announced in recent weeks, most tech companies are still vastly larger than they were three years ago. read more >
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School Lawsuits Over Social Media Harm Face Tough Legal Road

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next month over the extent to which federal law protects the tech industry from such claims when social media algorithms push potentially harmful content. read more >
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Social Media Platforms Brace for Midterm Elections Mayhem

While platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube say they've expanded their work to detect and stop harmful claims that could suppress the vote or even lead to violent confrontations, a review of some of the sites shows they're still playing catch-up with 2020. read more >
The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
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High Court Will Hear Social Media Terrorism Lawsuits

In the cases the court agreed to hear, relatives of people killed in terrorist attacks in France and Turkey had sued Google, Twitter, and Facebook. read more >
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Survey Finds Young People Follow News, but Without Much Joy

An estimated 71% of this age group gets news daily from social media. The social media diet is becoming more varied; Facebook doesn't dominate the way it used to. read more >
Jason Rapert
Government & Politics / Legal

Settlement Requires Arkansas Senator to Unblock Critics

American Atheists announced the settlement in its federal lawsuit against Arkansas over Republican Sen. Jason Rapert's social media. read more >
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The Question That Must Not Be Asked (Gwen Moritz Commentary)

Let me tell you, there are some questions one simply must not ask. One of them is whether there’s any real evidence that legalizing marijuana reduces abuse of opioids. read more >
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I’ll Miss You When I’m Gone (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

The best thing about being a journalist is being paid to learn stuff, and the best thing about working on Arkansas Business has been learning about so many different industries, each with its own nuances. read more >
Russian matryoshka toys with portraits of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for sale at a Moscow souvenir kiosk
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Know Your News Source (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

Bumper-sticker mentality was a problem before social media, but it required acquiring a bumper sticker and deciding that sharing a nuance-free opinion with tail-gaters was worth putting sticky gunk on the car’s bumper. Now spreading opinions — and, all too often, demonstrably false information from unknown sources — can be done with a click. read more >
Michelle Pugh and Christina Muñoz Madsen
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Ever Seen a Purple Cow? Muñoz Pugh Counts on It

Christina Muñoz Madsen, a former TV news anchor and VP of marketing and public relations at the University of Central Arkansas, has been partnered with branding and marketing specialist Michelle Pugh of Conway for a little over a year. read more >
They’re not so lovable in the wild. Arkansas game officials and landowners deal with feral hog pests across most of the state.
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Arkansas’ Feral Hogs No Laughing Matter

Feral hogs damage Arkansas farms and equipment, and it doesn’t take 30-50 to cause real trouble. read more >
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The Fierce Courage of Anonymity (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

When we take ownership of our words, we may not always be at our best, but we are less likely to be at our worst. read more >
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Tech World Still a Man’s World

Although the percentage of women in the U.S. workforce now stands at 46.8%, it remains much lower than that in the technology sector. read more >
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Digital Marketing Platforms to Embrace — Or Ignore (Steven Schilling Commentary)

Steven Schilling weeds through big digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Snapchat to determine what's really effective for small businesses. read more >