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U.S. Energy Information Administration

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US Expects Gasoline, Crude Oil Prices to Remain Flat

The forecast expects domestic retail gasoline prices to average near $3.70 per gallon through September, “which is similar to prices during the same period last year.” read more >
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Oil and Gasoline Prices to Rise, Forecast Says

Crude oil production cuts by oil-exporting countries are starting to take a toll on global inventories and U.S. gasoline prices. read more >

US Oil, Gas Production Set Records in December, EIA Says

Domestic consumption of natural gas had a record month in January due to a stretch of brutal winter weather. read more >
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Solar Power, Crude Oil Production Expected to Rise Through 2025

Global fuel consumption is expected to grow more slowly, along with global liquid fuel production. read more >
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US Foresees Lower Gas Prices This Winter

Government forecasts expect oil and natural gas prices to fall this winter season, which has been warmer than usual so far. The U.S. Energy Information Administration lowered its Henry Hub […] read more >

US Predicts Lower Heating Bills, Rising Oil Prices

The U.S. Energy Information Administration released its Winter Fuels Outlook report. read more >
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Oil Prices Surge, Along With Electricity Use

In a forecast released Tuesday, the EIA projected Brent crude oil prices averaging $85 a barrel. Prices have been rising since June, largely thanks to a strategic cut in production by Saudi Arabia and a growing demand globally. read more >

Forecast Predicts Higher Oil, Decline in Coal

Crude oil prices are expected to aver $78 per barrel in July and rise to around $80 in the fourth quarter of this year. read more >

OPEC+ Cuts to Put Pressure On Gasoline Prices, EIA Says

Meanwhile, global liquid fuel consumption is predicted to rise between 1% and 2% over 2023 levels. read more >

Natural Gas Use to Rise This Summer, US Predicts

Coal consumption in the electric power sector is expected to decline by 13%. read more >
An industrial manometer showing gas distribution pressure in a pipeline
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Falling Natural Gas Prices to Benefit Arkansans, Summit Says

Residential customers can expect a 69.5 cent rate per cubic foot of natural gas, down 43% from last winter’s rate and down nearly 27% from last summer. read more >
An industrial manometer showing gas distribution pressure in a pipeline

Natural Gas Use and Prices Falling, US Projects

The U.S. is expected to end the winter months with 25% more natural gas than it had in storage at the same point last year. read more >

US Energy Outlook Foresees Falling Fuel Prices

In projections issued Tuesday, the EIA expects overall domestic energy use to rise by 1% in 2024, with global crude oil inventories rising over the next two years. read more >
A Love's gas station displays its fuel prices last October in Lost Hills, California.
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Retail Gasoline Prices Climb

Gasoline prices in the United States, pushed up by the Russian war against Ukraine, have hit highs not seen since 2008 read more >
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Will the Trucking Boom Be Long Haul?

Freight demand emerges as a possible impediment to industry's momentum. read more >

Ukraine War Increases Pressure for US Oil; Industry Faces Hurdles

"You can't ramp up if you can't find qualified people to do it," a New Mexico lawmaker said. read more >
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New Electricity Generation Renewables Dominate in 2021

Developers and power plant owners plan for 39.7 gigawatts of new electricity generating capacity to start commercial operation this year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. read more >

U.S. Energy Outlook Sees Fossil Fuels on Rise

As energy use surges with a rebounding economy, coal is making a nominal comeback in electricity generation as utilities adjust to costlier natural gas. read more >
A generation rig owned by SWN Drilling Services is put to work in a patch of the Fayetteville Shale field, in northern Faulkner County southwest of Damascus in 2014.
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Will Power Crisis Revive Fracking? Don’t Bet on It

Without sustained higher prices, the promise of a natural gas rebound in Arkansas may be no more than hot air. read more >

Energy Information Agency Sees Gas, Oil and Coal Prices Rising

If the latest numbers from the U.S. Energy Information Administration say anything certain about the country’s immediate economic and energy future, it is that COVID-19’s continued economic fallout makes nearly all predictions uncertain. read more >