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Wayne Rand


Rand Death Details Emerge

The oldest of serial fraudster Tony Rand’s five sons, Wayne Rand, was stabbed to death at a motel near Dallas. read more >

Rand Son Dies at 61

Wayne Anthony Rand, 61, the oldest of infamous serial fraudster Tony Rand’s five felonious sons, died in Dallas County last Tuesday. read more >
Jeff Rand
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Jeff Rand Back in the High LifeLock Icon

Jeff Rand’s sentence forbade participation in the oil and gas industry during his supervised release. But he and a couple of prison buddies came up with a business plan that appeared to violate that order. read more >
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Former Theater Owner Tony Rand, Five Sons Guilty of $110 Million in Scams

A nearly seven-year stretch in prison apparently served only to inspire a vastly larger interstate scheme from Texas. This gambit involved Tony Rand, now 70, and his five sons swindling hundreds of oil and gas investors of more than $110 million. Some suspect their schemes at times resembled a plot line in a zany 1968 movie “The Producers.” read more >
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Rand Family Spread Out, Serving Time

A reader asked where all those Rands — former North Little Rock residents Tony and his five felonious sons — are serving their prison time for various oil and gas scams that totaled some $110 million. read more >