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Yee-Lin Lai

Banking & Finance / Education / Nonprofits / Small Business

Look Local to Broaden Your Talent Pool (Yee-Lin Lai Commentary)

To thrive, Arkansas’ economy must work for all. These programs aim to reduce income equality. read more >
Larry Shackleford
Health Care / Manufacturing

Upskill NWA to Retrain Workers for Health Care Careers

The Walton Family Foundation and the Excellerate Foundation commit $3 million to start a nonprofit to retrain workers for jobs in high-demand industries, starting with health care. read more >
Banking & Finance / Investments / Nonprofits / Restaurants & Food / Small Business

Level the Field for Entrepreneurs of Color (Yee-Lin Lai Commentary)

Entrepreneurs of color are facing a skewed playing field. On average, minority households in the U.S. have significantly less wealth than white households, leaving them with less money to start a business and less collateral to qualify for credit. read more >