Health Care Heroes

Health Care Heroes


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Arkansas Business presents Health Care Heroes awards program to honor individuals, companies and organizations that are making a significant impact on the quality of health care in Arkansas. Their acts of heroism represent a display of dedication to excellence in the area of expertise beyond the scope of their jobs. Through their commitment to their profession and their community, they serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of health care and discover new ways to assist those in need.


Please join us to honor and celebrate the 2019 Arkansas Business Health Care Heroes! The winner of each category will be announced at the luncheon.

Lifetime Achievement

Joseph Bates III, Faye W. Boozman College of Public Health, UAMS

Administrator of the year

Lowry Barnes, UAMS

Robin Lambert, Johnson County Health and Rehab

Gary Paxson, White River Health System


Health Care Professional

Joshua Bright, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center

Misty Douthit, Baptist Health

Bradley Martin, UAMS


Innovation Hero

Hari Eswaran, UAMS

William Greene, Premier Gastroenterology Associates

Darren J. Sommer, Innovator Health

Joe Thompson, Arkansas Center for Health Improvement


Nurse of the Year

Krista Agee, St Bernards Medical Center

Jordan Chaney, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center

Terry Collins, UAMS

Greg Hendrix, Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas


Physician of the Year

Patrick Campbell, Baptist Health Heart Failure Clinic

John Day, UAMS

Ronda Henry-Tillman, UAMS

Daniel Mackey, Mercy-Fort Smith Oncology


Women's Health & Wellness

Karen D. Jones, Unity Health

Gloria Richard-Davis, UAMS

Kristen Smith, Drew Memorial Health System


Workplace Wellness

Christine Ferguson, Arkansas Children's Hospital

Judy Glenn, Unity Health

Purushottam Thapa, UAMS


Small Hospital

Arkansas Heart Hospital

Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center

Unity Health - Harris Medical Center


Large Hospital

Baptist Health Little Rock

Jefferson Regional Medical Center



Long-Term Care Facility

Greenhurst Nursing Center

Johnson County Health and Rehab

Parkway Health Center at Parkway Village


Health Care Heroes Luncheon

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Embassy Suites, Little Rock
Business Attire
$80 ticket | $800 table of 10 | $960 table of 12

For sponsorship or ticket information contact:

Tiffany Mattzela, Event Director at or (501) 455-9334



*Seating is limited

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